2019-08-22. AM 04:07
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Unpacked review

It’s the PENUP Operations Team

At the beginning of August in New York, USA,
the much anticipated Galaxy 10 Unpack Event
was held

The new Samsung Note series
that were introduced in the Unpack Event,
was broadcasted live worldwide
and received much attention from people all over the world.

PENUP also participated in this event.
This Unpack Event was especially special
because two enthusiastic and active PENUP
artists were invited as guests.

The two artists in the Galaxy Note 10 Unpack Event
were and @SPR and @Nuni.

Both these artists were previously nominated as HOF artists
and are using Samsung Galaxy Note.
Also, they are quite active on PENUP and in their personal work.

Their outstanding skills further brightens PENUP,
and when you look at their work,
it’s hard to believe that it was drawn with a smartphone.

>>>Go to @SPR's gallery

>>>Go to @Nuni's gallery

It was a meaningful time
to actually meet the artists in person at the event
and not online,
and hear their explanation about their artwork.

You can enjoy more pictures on @SPR and @Nuni’s gallery :)

We didn’t only get to enjoy the pictures
and meet artist@SPR, @Nuni at the Galaxy Note 10 Unpack Event,

We also had a PENUP mobile drawing workshop
and had a time to go outside the event hall into New York
to look around and draw for the Samsung Member’s Big Fans

We took direct pictures of New York’s sceneries
and use the PENUP Photo Drawing function to draw,
leaving lasting memories of New York.

With the S-pen and Galaxy Note,
you can draw anything anytime
and share it quite conveniently.

Galaxy Note 10 was exclusively introduced at this event,
showcasing some amazing specifications.
The screen is wider and the phone is now slimmer.
With Note 10, PENUP can be used to look at and
draw pictures on an even
wider screen than ever.

Also, the storage space has been increased to that of a notebook’s.
Even if you draw many pictures
you won’t run out of space.

With the yearly upgraded Galaxy Note and S-pen,
it will be possible to draw more
detailed pictures with convenience

We look forward to seeing more Galaxy Note pictures on PENUP.

Click the link below if the video doesn't play
>>> watch the Galaxy Note 10 Unpack Highlight Video

We are happy
that PENUP continued to participate
in the Unpack Event last year and this year.

Our PENUP Operations Team
will do our best to make digital drawing all the more convenient
and enjoyable for Penple everyone
in this cutting edge digital tech flow.

Thank you.

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