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[Review] [Review] Challenge of August (1)

This challenge was about
a place where personal
history is written and is
also a small room for your thoughts.
The theme was ‘On the desk’.

The Challenge Feed was filled
with a diverse array of desks
where you could sometimes feel
the pain of creative competition,
or a cozy resting place
depending on personal taste.
It was a meaningful time
because it felt like an invitation
to each PENPLE’s rooms,
bringing us all the more closer.

So, let us announce the winners
of this challenge.

On The Desk / @feltboy
My on the desk / TNPmind06

In the owner’s absence,
the items on the desk
are showing their own stories.
One is taking a sweet nap,
and there’s another
who’s singing to itself.
It’s an adorable
and charming picture
that triggers your imagination
just like Toy Story
and it is by @feltboy.

Pens of all kinds
seem to have fallen asleep
while filling in August on the calendar.
Because of the continuous
concerns and thoughts,
the scheduled plans will
probably reach completion.
This artist looks like
someone who would lead a diligent life
with a clear purpose in mind.
This picture is by @TNPmind06

Desk tell me what to draw!!!:-) / @Zaba
빈틈없이 가득 / @kim

Even though the artist goes
through repeated anguish
to complete their picture,
we can still feel
the joy in creating a picture.
If you enjoy the pain of creating,
you’ll probably continue
to produce some great artwork right?
PENUP will continue to be filled
with diverse emotional pictures
in the future.
This is by @Zaba

There are times
when you want to express
your inspirations
from a book into a picture.
Here, the subject is
a picture of concentration
and looks like once
his thoughts are
in order and he starts to draw,
he won’t rest until it is completed.
This is by @kim.

* My place / @Kinz
Beat4Beat… / @artNstillLife

It looks like
a sky is spread across the desk
and the girl looking
at a paper has hair that
looks like it contains
an inexhaustible amount
of imagination.
What talent makes
a person special?
Perhaps it is the imagination
because imagination can take you
anywhere that you want.
This is by @Kinz.

When musicians think
of a musical motif
while they’re outside,
they usually record
it on their smartphones.
He looks like he
hurried back to the studio
to complete that motif into music.
We foresee music
that will bring joy to many people
with the beat that fills the monitor.
This is by @artNstillLife

All you need on the desk! / @SummerKaz
Cat on the desk / @azu

On a dark night, a boy
is enjoying a video game console
through a monitor on a desk.
If his parents wake up
he can’t play anymore,
so he needs to play
as quietly as possible.
This is by @SummerKaz

A cat has come up on the desk
asking to be played with,
and for the owner to stop working.
We can feel the cat’s
determination not to move
until it is played with.
Perhaps it understood
its owner’s mind
who needed a rest.
This picture makes you feel
the need of taking a rest,
is by @azu.

untitled / @zara70
dream desk / @brontesienna

We see a desk in perfect order
and neatly arranged.
Looking at the images above,
can we assume that
the owner is a fashion designer?
Since there is no computer,
there is an analogue atmosphere
in the picture by @zara70.

There is a figure of a girl
who isn’t leaving her desk
even though it's late at night.
From the plant and the diffuser
and other items on the shelf,
she seems to spend
a lot of time at her desk.
The round window revives
the imagination.
We are curious to see
what kind of world is
unfolding on the monitor screen.
This is by @brontesienna.

These are the 10 nominees.


Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge.

Please leave many encouraging and
congratulating comments to these 10 artists.

Currently the first August challenge
‘Let’s draw Ocean wave’ is underway.

We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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