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[Challenge]2019.8월:Let's draw Ocean wave

What comes to mind
when you think of the sea?

Something that is only seen on the sea!
They are waves.
Unlike a calm river or lake, the waves break the surface of the sea.

The waves in the sea can become a part of a lovely picture or an orchestra playing a beautiful harmony.

The theme for this challenge is 'Ocean wave'.

Ocean at Night / @angel
sports on the waves / @Nigart

The sea is like the earth’s birthing place that produced the first forms of life.
And the waves are what makes the sea so full of living things.
The waves give the sea endless changes repeatedly making it a place of creation.

The rising and falling waves are often compared to life.
The waves cresting with strength and dissolving into foam in a dramatic fashion is similar to our lives as humans.

Temptation / @Emiconi85
Blue ocean / @AntoineKhanji

Waves are said to be created through the wind.
The wind carries about 70% of the influence in making waves.
This is because the ocean is so expansive with no obstacles, making it susceptible to the wind.

A newly created wave can travel thousands of kilometers but loses energy as it gets closer to the land and disappears.
Rivers cannot make waves because it is close to the land and cannot make sufficient energy.

colorful waves....!!! / @Anna-armin
waves / @Hanne

We can relieve stress by just looking at the waves on the beach and listening to the sound it makes.

We feel refreshed just by looking at the breaking waves on the beach.
We feel this way because when water droplets bump into an object, they break up into negative ions, the vitamins of the air, in large quantities.
Negative ions encourage serotonin, the happiness hormone, decreasing anxiety leaving you with a feeling of happiness.

In addition, when we listen to the sound of waves it increases alpha waves which come with mental stability.
Alpha waves improve concentration and memory in addition to mental stability.

Just by looking at the elegant movement of the waves and the foam it makes on the expansive ocean or just standing still and listening to it gives us much inspiration and mental stability!

We are looking forward to PENUP’s Challenge Feed being filled with lovely waves of diverse pictures.

This challenge is from 16th August (Fri) to 31st August (Sat) for a total of 15 days.

We look forward to many great entries and your participation.

Thank you.

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