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[Review] 2019. 7월 두 번째 챌린지 에필로그

This challenge’s theme
was the legendary “Mermaid”
that elegantly swings her long tail and
swims through the deep seas

At times she is described as strange and pure
and in others as a femme fatale.
This challenge was filled
with the showing off of the diverse charms
and temperaments of the mermaids.
The stories of these legends
opens up like a panorama.

Now we will announce the
winners of this challenge.

mermaid / @MACTAC
바라만 보다 / @Ryangrang

Under the blue moonlight
a beautiful mermaid is coyly seated.
She is radiating with beauty.
The brilliance of her tail radiates a mysterious light
like the moon.
The legendary mermaid is expressed dramatically

If we swam through the waters and
came across a mermaid
will she look at us with those eyes?
Her ocean blue eyes are quite charming.
If we gazed into
her eyes that are filled with the mysterious life of the sea,
it feels like it would drag us
down into the deep blue waters.
This is an entry by @Ryangrang

Den Lille Havfrue / @Hypnorino
Part - 1 ~Mermaid~ / @z3dmax

The mermaid gleaming in a pink light is
sitting on a rock.
Her surroundings
bounce off her with pink brilliance.
Does this pink brilliance make you wonder
if she has fallen in love?
Perhaps there will be a romantic story to be revealed.
This is by @Hypnorino

The trident symbolizes Poseidon the god of the ocean.
You can feel the grandeur and confidence
of the mermaid, holding the trident.
As though she symbolizes the goddess of the seas,
this mermaid is very alluring.
The kingdom she rules over
must be filled with mystery.
This is by @z3dmax

Saving the mermaid - Salvando a la sirena / @Marquiux
Bubbles / @RubyRed

A man is saving a mermaid living amongst the swamps
from human danger.
Will they be able to escape the swamps safely?
The dramatic scenery makes you reminisce a story’s narration and it is
by @Marquiux.

Water bubbles symbolizes the main character’s fate
in the fairytale of .
It’s similar to our lives and love
which seem to fade away like the bubbles.
In the large clam-shaped bath tub,
the mermaid is taking a bubble bath.
What could this mermaid be thinking of as
she watches the bubbles?
This is an entry by @RubyRed.

Nymph of the Sea / @FREDERICKDC
Mermaid / @ivanski215

The water’s shadows
flicker over the mermaid’s face.
The mermaids living in the water
probably have
a beautiful and flawless face.
The delicate drawing showing the beauty of mermaids has been done by

Inside the caves of the waterfront
rests a mermaid.
What kind of thoughts does the mermaid
have as she gazes at the sky above
while she lives in the sea?
Is she thinking of the prince
that she had met above?
This is the work of @ivanski215

Untitled / @rabbit1004
Mermaid / @Gavriel

Blue can symbolize sadness in the English language.
The mermaid swimming around the blue cities
like it is the sea, seems quite relatable to today’s modern society.
Have you ever thought
sometimes that you are one mermaid who is swimming around
a city in a sea of sadness?
This is the work of @rabbit1004.

Breaking the image of
secretly waiting for her prince,
this tough looking mermaid
looks like she is in leading and in charge of her own life.
This strong looking mermaid
who is swimming energetically
is by @Gavriel.

These are the 10 nominees.


Thank you to everyone who
participated in this challenge.

Please leave many encouraging and
congratulating comments to these 10 artists.

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is underway.

We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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