2019-08-09. AM 03:34
PENUP 업데이트 Ver 3.3

Hello PENPLE everyone!

PENUP has had a new update.

This is the 3.3 version.

We have improved functions so that you all you users can use PENUP with more convenience.
There are many small and big changes in this update from the home screen layout to the PENUP in-app drawing service functions.

Let us go take a look at the newly added functions.

First, the artist’s information has been added to the home screen.

The ‘Discover’ page on the home screen was newly featured in the previous 3.2 version.

Previously, the home screen was given a simple improvement so that the users can all the more concentrate on the pictures.

However, we found out that you consider not only the picture itself but also the artists’ information very important.

And so, we have added the artist’s information at the bottom of the picture again.

We have also added a new feature where you can double click and ‘like’ directly.
We hope there will be many ‘like’s and encouragement among the PENPLE community.

In addition, when you log-in your profile picture and nickname will be displayed on the top left side.

Second, a ‘Sketch Filter’ function has been added.

The Sketch Filter function extracts the lines of the pictures and makes a drawing outline.
The picture looks like it has been drawn and you can additionally draw on and color in the lines.

On the ‘Home’ screen, select the plus (+) button and choose ‘Photo Drawing’ and select between ‘Take picture’ or ‘Select from Gallery’ and open a picture and select ‘Sketch Filter’.
You can adjust the contrast level and choose the color of the lines.

You can color-in the picture looking a coloring book!

Fill in a picture containing special memories with beautiful colors through Sketch Filter.

Third, an ‘Art Filter’ function has been added.

With the Art Filter, change your very own pictures into the painting styles of beloved and iconic artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Egon Schiele, and Edvard Munch!

After drawing a picture with ‘Photo Drawing’, and ‘Drawing’ select ‘Complete’.
You just need to select ‘Choose a filter’ from the pop-up.

This feature can only be used after logging in.

Try making your own awesome pictures that resemble the iconic masterpieces with various filters.

Fourth, a ‘hide my drawing’ function has been added to Live Drawing.

A new feature has been added to Live Drawing.

There was only a ‘hide live drawing’ feature previously.

Now, a feature to hide my drawing has been added.
You can now draw with even more accuracy by continually checking the original live drawing outline.

PENUP service is becoming all the more convenient for users to easily communicate with each other.

The in-app drawing features on PENUP are becoming more and more diverse for users, including beginners, to easily enjoy drawing.

Until the day anyone around the world can become an artist and draw, enjoy, and share their pictures on PENUP the PENUP operations team will always be doing our best.

Please enjoy trying out the newly updated features. :)

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