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[Review] Challenge of July (1)

As you adjust your clothes in the morning, and take a look in the mirror; and just want to add a little more style to your outfit that day!
The fashion item we reach for!
‘Sunglasses’ was our theme for this challenge.

The challenge feed was full of entries giving a diverse portrayal of sunglasses.
Sunglasses are fashion items that adds more style into your look.
and are practical in use because they protect us from the sun’s rays.

So, shall we go meet the winners of the challenge?

Star Girl / @BeaBubb
핑크핑크~ / @Hana.

The eyecatching pesonality shining through her dresscode of the day is purple!
Her chair, clothes, and even sunglasses are styled into a matching purple.
Purple is a mysterious color representing elegance, class, and glamor.
For those of you who want to bring out your shining star-like selves, what about some purple sunglasses?
This picture is by @BeaBubb.

A flower-patterned scarf around her, and her dress-code of the day is pink!
Her scarf, sunglasses, and even her lipstick are a matching romantic pink color.
Pink brings out the softness, happiness, and feminine side.
If you want to give a romantic aura, pink sunglasses are just the thing.
This picture is by @Hana.

подруга знакомой / @Roosya
Sunglasses / @Esraa

We wear sunglasses not only on hot, sunny, summery days, but also on cold, wintery days when the sun’s rays blindingly reflect on the snow into our eyes.
A woman is wearing stylish sunglasses on a cold day is giving a bright smile which makes her feel easygoing and relaxed.
This picture is by @Roosya.

A woman who is all dressed-up and looking straight forwards!
Her self-confidence is quite attractive to see.
The sunglasses only seem to highlight her confidence even more.
If you also want to give your confidence a boost, what about putting on a pair of sunglasses?
This picture is by @Esraa.

my sunglasses ♡ / @h.y.o.
untitled / @kitt

A pair of sunglasses on a table have a reflection of the sky.
Taking a look at the sky’s reflection, the weather is bright and clear.
On a day like this, you would want to immediately take some sunglasses and go on a picnic.
This picture is by @h.y.o.

A pair of green sunglasses lying among some plants, is emitting a brilliant light.
If we were to put on these sunglasses and look out at the world, it feels like we would fill up with green energy.
This picture is by @kitt.

Pale Yellow / @SSPO
Sunglasses / @Isti

A pair of basic, black sunglasses go with any kind of clothes.
If you were to just don some sunglasses paired with anything you normally wear, you can give of a chic style.
For all of you, today, how about trying a natural yet chic style, just like the woman in the picture?
This is picture is by @SSPO.

Where do you think she is?
The glasses are reflecting outer space and the desert.
It seems like her heart wandering in these two vast spaces is being metaphorically expressed.
This picture is by @Isti.

Bat Country / @susieone
Blind Player / @ashc

Sunglasses also represent those who are free-spirited.
A man with a cigarette in his mouth, full of swag and style, is wearing a rather uniquely framed pair of sunglasses.
The free and haphazard brushstrokes give a sense of speed and harmonizes and suits the atmosphere of the subject.
This picture is by @susieone.

The title of this picture is ‘Blind Player.’
The pianist playing cannot see but is filled with the enjoyment of playing music.
It makes us realize the truth that art makes all things free.
This picture is by @ashc.

These are our final 10 nominees.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge.

Please leave your encouragement and congratulating comments to these 10 people.

We also encourage you to participate in the current ongoing challenge.

Thank you.

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