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[Challenge]2019.8월:Let's draw On the desk

When you want to get closer to someone, what do you look at in that person?

What about taking a look at that person’s desk?
A desk is a space that represents the owner’s lifestyle, tastes, and values.

In a day, we spend a long time at our desks.
And so, all the items in that small space or the atmosphere as a whole gives a glimpse into the owner.

What do you have on your desks?
Take a look at it now.
Or take a look at a loved one’s desk or even one in your imagination.

This challenge’s theme is ‘Desk’.

room / @hrum
Tea time / @Ilo

When we begin our career, we get to own a small, personal space.
It is our very own desk.

Try and remember the day that your parents bought you your own desk or the first day of school when your teacher assigned you to a desk.

You probably felt excited about being independent and having your very own personal space.

my desk / @kstar_ssong
Travel Notebook and Pens / catiarcy

One of the rising life-style trends is something called ‘Querencia’.
Querencia is a Spanish word meaning a place a bull can rest for a while in a bullfight.

In a bullfight-like intense workplace, more and more people see their desks as a resting place and decorate their desks with objects they enjoy.

They say that you can lessen work related stress and gain mental solace in your very own hiding space.

Jinjie, the artist who painted herself / @ FrankOs
"Cozy" / @ alwaysacomedian

The novelist, John Updike said that a desk is like a pure bed where concepts are born.

For an artist who is creating, a desk is a noble place where creativity comes to being.

And so artists or great thinkers’ portraits are usually of them in a place where they work like at a desk in a study.

In this challenge, try drawing a desk that represents each individual’s tastes, one’s own cozy resting place, or a space where intense creating work is held.

We are really looking forward to seeing the view of your desk where each one of you as artists create through digital drawings.

This challenge is from 1st August (Thurs) to 15th August (Thurs) for 15 days. We look forward to some great entries and your participation. Thank you.

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