2019-07-18. AM 04:10
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Unpacked 2019

It’s PENUP’s Operational Team.

Drawing devices that offer diversity in art life through digital drawings are increasingly upgrading to more and more remarkable performances.

Among you, there are many PENPLEs who are users of Samsung devices.

And so, today, we would like to give a special announcement.

Samsung will be holding a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked 2019 Event at Barclays Center, New York at 4 o’clock (local time), 7th of August.

At the event, new Galaxy smartphone products will be introduced.
And we are eager to see the remarkable functions of the upgraded smartphone that will be revealed.

In the 2018 Unpacked Event PENUP was also introduced extensively.

>>>>>>Samsung Galaxy note9 unpacked- watch video

PENUP will also take part of this Unpacked event which is receiving attention worldwide.

We invited 2 PENUP artists of Hall of Fame to the upcoming Galaxy unpacked event.

The artists that display exceptional skills in drawings so impressive that it is hard to believe they are drawn through smartphones are selected for the Hall of Fame.

Please check it out who will be there and what will do at the event with them.

This is a place where Samsung is encouraging Hall of Fame artists’ activities, who are expanding their own expertise at the point where cutting-edge skills and artistic senses meet.

The Unpacked Event, which will introduce Samsung’s new products where innovative technology is evolving daily will be receiving full attention from those who love digital drawings.

Please look forward to PENUP who is participating in this event.

Thank you.

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