2019-07-15. AM 03:37
Live Drawing Auto Stop

Hello, we’re the PENUP Operational Team.

The reactions and interest toward Live Drawing are getting hotter by the day on PENUP.

With Live Drawing, beginners too, can draw impressive pictures easily.
On the PENUP feed, many amazing pictures following Live Drawing are being uploaded.

To satisfy your interests, our Operational Team is always doing its best to improve the Live Drawing function.

And so, in this 3.2 version update, an ‘Auto Stop’ function has been added to Live Drawing.

The ‘Auto Stop’ function automatically stops the video when the brush type, size, or color is changed whilst drawing a picture using Live Drawing.

With this function, Live Drawing becomes even more convenient to use.

You can use this function by clicking on the lower, right setting icon on the Live Drawing screen, and activating the function.

Currently, this function can only be used by setting the function from Off to On.

Try out this function, and please leave your valuable thoughts on PENUP’s ‘Contact us’.

If there are positive responses to this function, the next update will keep the function to ‘On’ so that it can be used right away without having to activate it.

With the ‘Auto Stop’ function, enjoy Live Drawing with even more convenience.

Thank you.

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