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[Challenge]2019.July:Let's draw Mermaid

A lovely figure with long flowing locks and a long tail charmingly swimming in the sea!

The mermaid is the legend of the sea.
Mermaids have diverse images from Eastern and Western myths, legends, and popular culture.
This character that lives in the sea as half human and half fish, regardless of culture, makes an attractive subject for a story.

Mermaids would make an attractive subject for a drawing too.

The second challenge for July is, ‘Mermaid’.

"Fish in Water" (Ariel)/ @MBD..o_O..
do you see the fish? #ramcontest / @SPR

Mermaids are legendary figures in the form of half human half fish.
The upper half takes a human form while the lower half is in the shape of a fish.

The term ‘mermaid’ comes from combining the word ‘mer’ (sea), and ‘maid’.
They are often depicted as sitting on rocks and singing while brushing their hair.
This depiction alludes to affluence, love, and temptation.

They say that before the mid 19th Century, sailors thought manatees and sea cows were mermaids.

mermaid / @wickyka
Night magic / @Tonya

Mermaids are also symbols for temptation.
In Greek mythology, the mermaid-sirens would tempt sailors with myserious singing and trap them.
The femme fatale mermaid that tempts and ultimately destructs men were lovely and attractive but were also dangerous temptress figures.

On the other hand, there is another opposing image to the femme fatale mermaid.
It is the Danish writer Anderson’s fairytale, The Little Mermaid’ which is about a mermaid princess.
This mermaid princess falls in love with a human prince and she dissolves into sea foam, symbolizing noble and pure love and purity in this story.

Mermaid and her seahorse_color / @Chuppylim
Whoa! / vargatomi

The mermaid painted in all different images as the center of a story!

What kind of image does a mermaid have for you?
Through this challenge, express your thoughts on what you think mermaids are like.

We look forward to a display of a mysterious and legendary ocean scenery in our PENUP Challenge Feed.

This challenge will be held from July 16th (Tues) – July 31st (Weds) for 16 days.

We hope for your particiaption, and look forward to some great entries.

Thank you.

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