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[Review] Challenge of June (2)

Our life companion who communicates with us through touch in the spaces of our daily lives and greets us every day; speaking to us through eye contact!

They are the representatives of pets: dogs and cats.

In this Dog & Cat Challenge, there were many people who introduced their pet cats and dogs through their drawings.

Just by looking at these entries this challenge felt heart-warming.

We will announce the winners of this challenge.

black cat / @i.mary
Sassy Sage / @shadowmare72

This cat with black fur has a rather mysterious aura.
The attractive shiny black coat urges you to give it a stroke.
The detailed picture of this cat, which almost looks quite alive before you, has been drawn by @i.mary.

Just as each individual has a different personality, dogs too, carry their own traits and characteristics.
This dog seems to possess a bubbly charm.
The cheerful colors of the dog’s fur expresses the dog’s bright personality.
This entry is by @shadowmare72.

untitled / @zivzif
What a creation! / @JoanJenna

A black-eyed dog with black fur is gazing keenly at something.
The dog looks quite large but its eyes are sparkling with innocence.
What do you think the dog is thinking about?
Try and guess by looking at its eyes.
This picture is by @zivzif.

The German Shepherd is known as the national dog of Germany.
They say it is intelligent, social, and has strong responsibility.
With its gallant characteristics this dog is used as a police or security dog.
They say it takes a long time to get close to this dog because of its cautious personality.
The charisma of the Shepherd and its traits have been depicted well in @JoanJenna’s entry.

Oddy / @Rastajane
* GoGo 가즈아~ / @Kinz

The mischievous beagle has a bright personality and is very energetic and active.
Because of their affectionate and puppy-like ways, even when they grows old, they make good companions for children.
An adorable beagle adorned with a red bow sends us a message of joy.
It makes us want to run and play on the green grass together.
This is by @Rastajane.

Pomeranians are clever, bold, and full of curiosity.
Because they are stubborn, when they are too pampered, they can become quite spoiled.
This curious Pomeranian pictured here, is on a drive and has popped its head out of the window.
This dog is fully enjoying its drive!
It is giving quite a big smile.
This by @Kinz.

cat / @rabab
We are family ^^♡ / @Gigi

When we have lived with a pet for a long time, they say that the owner can read their pet’s expressions.
An elegant cat is resting its head on something.
It looks rather downcast like it has some worries.
It feels like we need to give it a snack or stroke its neck.
This is an entry by @rabab.

A pet is not simply an animal you keep but a different-looking family member.
Different sizes and shapes of each family members’ hands are gathered together.
On top of the pile is the dog’s paw.
We can feel the harmony of a dog that has been accepted as part of the family by @Gigi.

A wedding between a dog and a cat♡ / @ch0ea
our dog / @ikk

Dogs and cats are not fond of each other.
This is because their personalities and traits are different.
Here, a dog and a cat are getting married.
We think that this couple’s days will be filled with happiness as they have overcome their differences.
This witty artwork is by @ch0ea.

Funny episodes often happen when we take an active and curious dog out for a walk.
A dog has buried its head in the green grass-covered field.
Is it searching for a ball thrown by the owner?
Or perhaps, did it discover a yummy bone?
This picture portrays an episode with a playful dog by @ikk.

These are the final 10 nominees!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge.

To these 10 people, please send your congratulations in the comments.

Currently July’s second challenge, ‘Let’s draw Sunglasses‘ is underway.

We hope for much participation.

Thank you!

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