2019-07-09. AM 08:42
Launches ‘PENUP Gallery’ in Samsung Members

Hello PENPLE everyone.
We are the PENUP Operational Team.

After the start of PENUP service in 2013 there have been many changes and developments.

During that time, PENUP has worked on and improved functions such as sharing pictures, coloring, live drawing, and tools like drawing; but functions related with community have not been developed as such.

To improve this aspect, ‘Samsung Members’ has made ‘PENUP Gallery’.

‘Samsung Members’ is a service to support the use of Samsung devices and apps and a community for Samsung device users to communicate and share information with each other.

With the increase of ‘Samsung Members’ users, it is growing into an even bigger platform.

On this platform, a ‘PENUP Gallery’ for Korean users has been made for the very first time globally.

It will be gradually introduced in each country after that.
For the PENUP Gallery to be set up in each country there are some preparations that are needed.

So, it is first being tested in Korea and little by little will be expanded to several other countries.

PENUP’s beginning in 2013 too began by opening and being tested first in one country and gradually developing and expanding.

Like that time, we will do our best in our preparations with a mindset for a new beginning.

Please make the most of PENUP Gallery in Samsung Members and we would appreciate your love and support for future changes in PENUP.

Thank you.

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