[HOF] JULY 2019 @ILO

2019-07-01. AM 03:35
[HOF] July 2019 @Ilo

PENPLE everyone!
In your opinion, what are the attractive qualities unique only to digital drawing?

There’s the fact that when you have a digital device in your hand, anywhere you are can become a studio.
Also, place, time, and material aren’t needed and you can draw as much as you want.
Above all, even beginners can draw pictures quite easily, and so, anyone can be artist.

Because of these infinite qualities, many wonderful digital drawings are being uploaded on PENUP.

The artist nominated for the HOF is someone who makes you think about the enjoyment of art through digital drawing.

It is artist @lIo.
If you go to this artist’s feed, you can see many posts showing the process of the drawings’ completion from the phone screen captures of the drawing app.

You realize again that even through smart phones elaborate and detailed artwork can be produced.

A diversity of styles and subjects showcased make it hard to believe that one artist produced all this artwork.

Send your congratulations to July’s HOF nominate artist.
In addition to congratulation messages, what about sharing each other’s thoughts on the artist’s fanbook digital drawings about the joys that come from enjoying art?

Please look forward to the interview with the artist.
Thank you. : )


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-The PENUP Team