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[Challenge]2019.July:Let's draw Sunglasses

On a bright sunny day, before going out there is something we look for.
They are of course, sunglasses.
Sunglasses block out the harmful UV rays and protect our eyes; and they also act as a fashion item and make us all the more stylish.

The theme for this challenge is ‘Sunglasses’.

Classy / @gulsah
Coloring Pages Challenge : Aviator woman / @rkptn

They say that sunglasses date back to the Song Dynasty in China where judges would wear them to hide their expressions during an interrogation.
Crystal would be darkened with smoke to make black glasses.
And so it wasn’t used to better eyesight but simply to block bright light.

Ray Ban Sunglasses / @UjaanRoy07
Sunglasses Reflection / @Tarek619

Sunglasses were further developed in the USA.
In 1930, the army air force asked Bausch + Lomb Company to make protective glasses for their pilots.
Bausch + Lomb Co. developed sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun during flight and these are the sunglasses we know today.
The sunglasses this company developed were named “Ray-ban”, meaning to ban the sun’s rays.

Sunglasses / @LOE
Flying with PenUp / @MKDesigLife

Did you know that there are sunglasses that match the shape of your face?

An angled face – round frame
A round face – square frame
A triangular face – oval frame
A long face – aviator frame
An oval face – cat eye frame

When you’re choosing sunglasses based on the shape of your face, the frames can cover any flaws and enhance your features.
Try choosing a pair of sunglasses that suit you for a stylish appearance.

Through the ‘Sunglasses’ challenge, try drawing stylish sunglasses which display your unique personality.

This challenge is from 1st of July (Mon) to 15th of July (Mon) for a total of 15 days.

We hope for your participation and look forward to your entries.

Thank you.

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