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[Review] Challenge of June (1)

Escaping a busy daily life, in the silent depth of time, when you want to delve into nature’s freedom!
We go camping.

Did you feel the freedom through this challenge?
This was a challenge filled with enjoyment with the joy of those who enjoy camping.

Let us meet the winners of this challenge.

Camping / @CAREUS
Under☆ / @SamTaqvi

There were many entries of the night sky in this challenge.

In the night sky, there are stars that feel like they’re pouring down.
Beneath this sky, one tent has been set up.
A dog is gazing at the far away sky.
When star-gazing without any time restrictions, what kind of thoughts would pass your mind?
this is by @CAREUS.

A night with a flowing blue Milky Way, one girl is sitting alone by a campfire and gazing up at the sky.
By spending time alone underneath the stars, beautiful memories are bound to be made.
This is an entry by @SamTaqvi.

'♡ •°Camping •° ♡ / @Tunisienne
Chance visitor on the camping! / @N.D.T

One thing that comes to mind when you think about camping!
It is the camping car!
In the unfamiliar surroundings of nature, the camping car becomes a place of comfort.
After the day has finished leisurely sitting on the roof of the camping car and taking in the view feels more valuable that the flashy views from atop a skyscraper.
This is by @Tunisienne.

In the deep of night when everyone is sleeping, there is a guest by the fireplace near the tents.
The identity of the guest is a wild bear!
Are they here to greet those who came into the forest?
This is by @N.D.T.

Camping night / @waskenkaralian
Golden Rays of Sunshine / @flavin_and_juan

A campfire provides a place for conversation.
Sitting around a fireplace and sharing a conversation is filled with warmth.
This entry is by @waskenkaralian.

Sunlight is filtering through the trees in the morning.
We greet mornings in the same way, but mornings when camping feels quite special.
This is by @flavin_and_juan.

van life / @Jiff
모닥불(A Campfire) / @sun.u

Who do you want to go camping with?
Anywhere you go will be a fun camping location together with those special people, A girl has gone camping with her dog and is enjoying time in the camping car together.
This picture filled with happiness is by @Jiff.

A man, camping at the beach, is playing his guitar in front of a campfire.
We can almost hear the sound of the waves and the jaunty melody of the guitar in this picture by @sun.u.

Night Camp / @DanielFabre
Untiled / @vlad

What would it feel like to camp in a snow covered forest?
In the cold but refreshing forest air and quiet stillness, the time spent just by two people is filled with warmth.
This is an entry by @DanielFabre.

Those that like skiing enjoy camping in this way.
There are tents on a snow-covered slope.
It must be exciting to camp on these cold snowy fields.
This is by @vlad.

These are the final 10 nominees.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge.

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We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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