2019-06-25. AM 03:58
About after version 3.2.0

Hello, we’re the PENUP team.

We have proceeded with the 3.2 version update.
There have been many comments from the PENPLE community.

We have checked the reviews and comments on Google Play, the uploaded pictures about the update on PENUP and the comments on the pictures.

One thing we would like to say is that we, the PENUP team, are always encouraging all of you who love drawing and communicating through these drawings.

So, in this 3.2 version, we have solved some bugs and problems so that all of you can concentrate more on the drawing contents in the updated version.

However, we realize that this update contained some aspects that have not been satisfactory to everyone.

We will do our best to improve those points that are lacking in the future version updates.

Even though we cannot satisfy everybody, we will do our best for all your art lovers to bring as much enjoyment and excitement into your drawings.

Thank you.

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