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[Challenge]2019.June:Let's draw Dog&cat

These animals who live with us as companions stabilize our emotions and warm up our hearts.

Among pet animals, which animal do you think of the most?

Dogs and cats probably come first to mind.
They are familiar animals that we can easily find around us.

The theme for this challenge is ‘Dog & Cat’.

The hug with Yellow cat / @greeda
Bigger than me /@nuj_junheesung

Did you know, it is good for your health to keep a pet?
When you keep a pet, stress hormones decrease and the hormone oxytocin is released which promotes a stabilized mind and body.
A child who lives with a pet compared to a child who doesn’t, is more stable psychologically and builds social skills and the ability to sympathize.

Moreover, there has been research proving that it is effective in lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease.

We have actually been benefitting from pets without even knowing it.

Happy moment with a friend / @BacGyver
Galaxy Note 9 S pen drawing / @feltboy

They say that men have been living with dogs for around 15,000 years.

Although dogs cannot speak, they communicate with humans through their actions.
Their actions such as trying to sleep on the bed together or licking faces, is to gather information about the owner through pheromones.
Also, they say that gazing intently at the eyes is an expression of trust.

Even without the same language, there can be non-verbal communication with each other.
Just as we can read pets’ minds, pets also have the ability to understand us through our actions.

Purrr / @trishashah
고돌 / @jiminlee

They say that the number of keeping cats as pets is growing.
The growing interest in cats is related to the increase of furniture for one.
Because cats are more independent than dogs, they are quiet and are fine being alone in a house for a long time lessening the worry for the owners.

Also cats’ personalities is connected with the attitude of people these days who enjoy social media.
There is a resemblance in the lifestyle of cats which are content to play alone and those people who enjoy social media alone.
If dogs represent an intimate social interaction, cats symbolize a more independent and rational sociability.

Dogs and cats, each appealing in different ways, provide us with happiness and energy.
What kind of meaning do cats and dogs have to you?
Try expressing it through this challenge!

This challenge is from June 16th (Sun) – June 30th (Sun)
For a total of 15 days.

We welcome all your participation and look forward to your entries.

Thank you.

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