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[Review] Challenge of May (2)

May’s second challenge!

This was a challenge which felt like it was filled with the cheerful sound of bees’ wings buzzing and the lovely scent of flowers.

The PENUP challenge feed overflowed with energy from the cheerful swarm of bees.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ‘Bee’ Challenge.

So, let us announce the winners of this challenge.

Bee / @wissal
♡♡honey bee♡♡♡ / @akram

There is an elegant bee in flight on a warm day in a bright field of flowers in full bloom.
With touches of colors the bee’s features have been captured by @wissal.

For a bee to fly, its wings need to move ten thousand times a minute.
The buzzing sound is made when its wings create vibrations in the air.
These vibrations cause a lot of pollen to fall from the flowers.
This picture of a busy bee flying towards a flower is by @akram.

Bumble / @susieone
bee = life / @DaniA

It seems like this field is swaying from the cool winds.
In the middle of this field is one bee in flight.
An impression of a bee has been portrayed with a movement of dynamic lines by @susieone.

There are many styles defying the stereotype that pictures should be drawn with lines.
Among these styles is using small dots to draw a shape called pointillism.
Small dots have come together to make the shape of a bee.
This unique style of painting is by @DaniA.

고양이와 벌 / @kyounghee
show me da Honey! / @artNstillLife

The cat is eyeing a bee.
It looks like the cat is going to pounce soon.
The bee is quite gentle, but it defends itself from its attacker with its stinger.
It looks like the cat has found quite an opponent.
This is by @kyounghee.

A bear that likes honey is reaching its paw towards a beehive.
The bees are encircling their hives to protect their honey that they have all collected together.
Who do you think will win this fight?
This is by @artNstillLife.

Bee in garden / @Dhany_Lie

A bee is entering a flower that is in full bloom.
It almost looks like it’s sharing an embrace with the flower.
This picture feels a line from a poem.
And it is by @Dhany_Lie.

In ancient Greece, honey was said to be the food of the gods.
To make 1 kg of honey, a bee needs to find and visit as many as 5.6 million flowers.
Don’t forget that the sweetness of honey comes from the sweat of bees.
This is by @SIETE.

* Queen Bee / @Kinz
untiled / @kitt

In one beehive, there is only one queen bee.
The queen bee is the only female figure that can lay eggs.
This queen bee which rules over 10 thousands of bees has been portrayed as mysterious and lovely by @Kinz.

Are they all dancing a dance of joy together?
A swarm of bees are flying in a field of flowers with the golden sun reflecting on them.
This fantastic scene has been drawn by @kitt.

These are the 10 people who have been nominated.


Thank you to all of you who have participated in this challenge.

Please leave your encouragement and congratulations in the comments to these ten people.

Currently, May’s first challenge, ‘Let’s draw Camping‘ is in progress.

We would appreciate your participation.

Thank you.

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