2019-05-31. AM 08:26
[HOF] June 2019 @jericojhones

Have you ever gazed at someone’s face for a long time?
In Korean, ‘face’ means a hole covered by the soul.
A person’s face is like a canvas which presents a person’s soul.

Our HOF artist this month showcases a consistency of portraits drawn on a white background.

May’s HOF!
It is artist @jericojhones.

If we carefully observe the faces drawn by this artist an irreplaceable distinct personality of the person in the portrait is being revealed in the white background.

And so, the artist, rather than simply drawing the likeness of a person, captures the characteristic of each individual and gives one a feeling the artist is neatly recording them on his feed.

Why don’t you go to the artist’s feed and immerse yourself in these attractive portraits.

Don’t forget to leave your congratulations on the artist’s Fanbook.
And please look forward to an interview with the artist :)


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