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[Review] Challenge of May (1)

When it feels like evil and darkness is besieging the world, we call out their names.
And just by their entrance, we predict a victory of justice.

This challenge’s topic was ‘Super hero’.
And so there was a most diverse assembling of heroes on the PENUP challenge feed.

The entrance of these mobilized heroes to bring justice, gave the feed justice and vigor.

Should we go take a look at the nominated pictures and meet the heroes that have been drawn in this challenge?

doc strange / @MACTAC
캡틴아메리카 / @byuney

Dr. Strange is considered to have immense powers among all the Marvel superheroes with the ability to change time and space and move through dimensions.
He also has ability of astral projection among his powers.
Through astral projection, he fights with his spirit.
This picture is by @MACTA who has drawn Dr. Strange’s separated self.

One of Marvel’s veteran-status characters is Captain America.
He is a hero who defends freedom with his patriotism and sense of morality.
He is running forwards with his symbolic shield to fight for justice.
Captain America’s determination has been well portrayed by @byuney.

black Panther / @shadowboxing
☆♡ / @Rastajane

The first black superhero!
It is of course Black Panther.
Black Panther’s suit is said to be made of the strongest metal on the whole earth.
Captain America’s shield that could hardly be scratched was left with deep nail scratches by Black Panther’s claws.
This picture which depicts the suited Black Panther’s power is by @shadowboxing.

Harley Quinn, the main character of Suicide Squad was created from the motif of ‘Arlequin’ a clown from the Middle Ages.
The English expression for Arlequin is ‘Harlequin’ and in a play of language, symbolizing royalty,‘quin’ is changed to ‘queen’ and so we have ‘Harlequeen’.
A clown’s characteristic humor and mirth that captures the audience, has been captured in @Rastajane’s Harlequin art.

The Batman. / @TitusCrow
I'll be back / @Mishanya

The hero that protects Gotham City!
It is Batman.
He is a character torn between both his identity in reality and his hero identity.
Behind that mask, what expression does Batman have on?
Batman’s anguish can be felt in @TitusCrow’s picture.

The hero who vanished yelling, “I’ll be back” in a blazing furnace!
It is the Terminator from the future.
This entry which depicts the disappearing hero’s fiery goodbye after saving humanity and promising a reunion, is by @Mishanya.

Wanna Team Up ~❤ / @Ghazal

Is there perhaps a party?
There are two lovely ladies who are dressed-up as Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman.
Dressing-up as superheroes and appearing at a party is sure to grab everyone’s attention.
Which superhero would you like to dress up as?
This is an entry by @Ghazal.

Someone is dressed up as a superhero and riding a scooter.
Looking at this person riding a scooter while in a serious superhero costume sets off laughter.
If we were to actually see someone driving down the streets like that we would like to give them a big wave.
This is an entry by @Yousif_Aqeel.

My hero 양동❤ / @Gigi
아빠 히어로 S급 / @Darby

Heroes aren’t only found in movies, but also in our lives close by.
Take a look all around you.

An adorable puppy is wearing superman clothes and buoyantly flying up to the sky.
For somebody, this small and delicate puppy can be their superhero.
This is by @Gigi.

Our ordinary fathers, who battle for their families at their work places, don’t have awesome suits or flashy weapons but their presence enough are our heroes.
This is by @Darby.

And these are our final ten nominations.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge.

Please leave your encouragement and congratulations in the comments.

Currently, May’s second challenge, ‘Let’s draw Bee’ is underway.

We would appreciate your participation.
Thank you.

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