2019-05-22. AM 10:42
PENUP supports ‘Urban Sketchers Symposium 2019’

Hello PENPLE everyone!

You must have well heard of Urban Sketchers who love drawings and seeks living sketches of scenes! ‘Urban Sketchers Symposium’, a drawing festival where urban sketchers worldwide gather and enjoy, is going to be held in Amsterdam, Netherland, this year.
We love to let you know that PENUP will support urban sketchers this year too.

PENUP team has cheered for a communication channel in the form of drawings with artists by supporting Urban Sketchers Symposium annually.

Sketchers can be one no matter where they are from through common interest such as drawing despite their different languages and cultures.

* Urban Sketchers image held in Singapore in 2015. (click) *

Especially this year, the logo of PENUP will be inscribed on the nametag of all the participants.

You will see us PENUP much closer whenever and wherever.

Please cheer for us, PENUP as we meet sketchers from around the world at this year’s Urban Sketchers in Amsterdam.

PENUP is also looking forward to activities of artists who will show remarkable sketches in Amsterdam.

Thank you.

PENUP - Share your drawings! PENUP Team