2019-05-20. AM 10:14
PENUP update Ver 3.2.0

Hello PENPLE everyone!

We would like to inform you of some PENUP updates.
Let’s take a look at the newly updated 3.2 version.

First, there are changes in the home screen arrangement.

The previous home screen used a method of displaying shortcuts to different menus.
It has now been changed to show other PENPLE’s drawings for more convenience when accessing the home screen.

Second, ‘Discover’ function has been added.

On the top left corner, if you click 'Discover ▼', 'Daily popular artworks' 'Weekly popular artworks' 'Staff pick artworks' 'Hot artists' 'Hall of Fame' menu short cuts have been added for your convenient use of PENUP.

In the newly added 'Discover' page, you can find a diversity of popular art-work and artists, and diverse art-work that you’re interested in.

Third, a Live Drawing ‘Auto Stop’ Function has been added.

Previously when following a live drawing the user had to press the ‘pause’ button manually.
The newly added 'Auto Stop' function automatically stops the drawing when a tool or color is changed.

To use this function, go to settings on the bottom right corner and set 'Auto Stop' to ON.

In addition, the agreement for receiving marketing information has been deleted, so please take note when using and signing up.

When posting, the Facebook upload function in no longer available.

This is due to the Facebook policy change where automatic uploading on Facebook from another Social Media site has been discontinued.

We will do our best to provide a better PENUP service, so that you may have a great experience in communicating through pictures. :)

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