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[Challenge]2019.May:Let's draw Bee

When you’re in a field, smelling the flowers, you hear a music-like sound from somewhere.
Buzz buzz buzz
It is the sound of the bees’ elegant dance.

The bee busily moving its wings as it works is an insect which symbolizes diligence, Bees live in a community to collect honey which is a little similar to human society.

This challenge’s theme is: “Bee”

Honey / @haz_jagger
bumblebee finished / @Amanda_Bos

Albert Einstein gave a warning.
He said if the honeybees disappeared from the earth, humanity would also disappear within 4 years.

Currently, the honeybee population is decreasing.
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 63% of food around the world come to fruition from the honeybees’ pollination.
If the honeybees, who have the important role of pollination activity, were to disappear, trees would not be able to bear fruit and the ecosystem would fall into chaos.

Even though the specific reason is not clear, climate change, electromagnetic waves, environment pollution, deforestation and so on, are responsible for the disappearance of bees.

Bee Nation / @Chuppylim
Bee Daisy / @Majo

When we think of bees, we think of the bee stinger that pokes out of its rear end.
Because of the stinger, bees may feel like an aggressive insect, but actually bees are frightened quite easily.
They say that bees don’t attack people unless they’re attacked first.

It’s just that bees communicate through pheromones which is found in soap, perfume, shampoo, and other artificial scents and so the bees can mistake humans for enemies.

The humble bee! / @TitusCrow
Untitled / @fibi

Bees have the ability for basic communication.
When a bee discovers a flower and wants to signal the location to the others it makes a figure 8 sign in the air.
It vibrates its body and makes a sound and this speed of movement and frequency of the sound express the distance.

This insect which presents us with sweet honey and is in particular diligent and capable is a human’s friend: the bee!

Through this challenge try expressing the bees’ many attractive qualities!

This challenge is:
from May 16th (Thurs) to May 31st (Fri) for a total of 16 days.
We hope for you participation and we look forward to some exceptional pictures.

Thank you.

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