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[Review] Challenge of April (2)

How was April’s second challenge, ‘window’?

Each person entered with different styles and diverse stories behind their ‘windows’.

The PENUP’s challenge feed felt like an apartment that people all over the world lived in.

Just as we welcome a cool breeze when we open the windows, should we go on to welcome the challenge winners?

Please send your congratulatory messages to the ten people below.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ‘window’ challenge. : )

Window / @Anim
heart shape window / @Raini

On a windowsill with the windows wide open, grows some lovely flowers.
It almost feels like a forest fairy is about to open the windows and fly out.
This is by @Anim.

If we look out at the world through heart-shaped windows, perhaps the world will overflow with love.
This entry by @Raini fills us with delightful imaginations.

Waiting … / @TonyFarvio
..still waiting / @Roy

These curious companionable animals stand by the windows and look out at the world.

A dog with clear, bright eyes is looking out through the window.
Is the dog perhaps waiting for its owner?
If it sees its owner through the window it’ll probably wag its tail in welcome.
This is by @TonyFarvio.

A cat is sitting coyly next to the window.
How does the world outside look for this cat with a secretive look in its eyes?
This is by @Roy.

#window / @Shahad
untiled / @waskenkaralian

A girl, whose eyes are closed and resting her chin on her hand is deep in thought by the window.
All around her are some fresh, blooming flowers.
It feels like something good is going to happen.
This picture, which gives us a good feeling is by @Shahad.

With the windows in between a girl and a boy are greeting each other.
Are they saying goodbye?
Or are they saying hello?
Whichever it is, catching someone’s eye through the window and sharing a conversation is an elating thing.
This is by @waskenkaralian.

Windows ♡ / @aristina.z
Star Light Window / @Shannon1980

Some small fairies that live on a window is spending a leisurely evening full of starlight.
With the window as a background @aristina.z has drawn a dreamy fairytale world.

The view outside the window is a picture in itself.
Specially, the night-view seen from the window shows a grand spectacle of beautiful stars.
This is an entry by @Shannon1980 who depicted a library with stars twinkling through the window.

paris / @nicola
Under the window / @PilgrimJung

We can see the Eiffel Tower through the windows.
Amongst Paris’ antique buildings the elegantly standing Eiffel Tower looks quite graceful.
This picture makes us imagine what we see from outside our own windows and it is by @nicola.

Sunlight pours in freely through the window.
The rays that come in through the windows give us comfort and joy in our daily loves.
A child, sitting under the window is reading a book while basking in the sunlight.
This child’s upcoming days feel radiantly blessed.
This is by @PilgrimJung.

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