2019-05-02. AM 08:42
[HOF] May 2019 @carles

Where do you believe the value of art lies?

Perhaps it is in the ability to make humans contemplate.
Real art prompts us all to think.

As we met our May’s HOF artists’ works we can fall into deep meditation.

This is because rather than the shape the subjects’ essence is singled out with lines and colors and an abstract drawing is produced.

Please send your congratulations to May’s HOF @carles artist.

When we meet the artist’s artwork we ask a question.

“What is this?”

All art does not have one specific answer.
Individually asking and providing an answer is up to each person’s thoughts and imagination.

Visit @carles ’s feed and leave your congratulating messages.
In the face of encouragement and praise PENUP’s feed will overflow with an abundance of inspiration.

And please look forward to the upcoming interview with the artist :)


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-The PENUP Team