2015-02-06. AM 05:26
  • Hi, PENPles!

    Many artists participated in January’s Challenge, the theme of which was “Welcome 2015.” There were many good pictures, celebrating the beginning of the new year and cheering each other’s new year resolutions.
    As informed before, we decided to give “ArtFlow” coupons to three people among those who participate in January’s Challenge.
    Who are the winners? Here they are.
    Let’s congratulate them.
  • 1. Hi,sheep!_olya_k
  • This work is excellent in terms of the artist’s sensibility and creativeness.
    You can see the tail of a horse which is passing out of the frame? It is an impressive picture which represents a farewell to 2014, Year of Horse and welcome to 2015, Year of Sheep.
    The picture for the next year could be the one which shows the back of the passing sheep and a joyfully coming monkey with greetings. It would be funny to make these pictures a series.
  • 2. no title_keyara0720
  • With the letters of “2015” splendidly twinkling, the picture shows Olaf joyfully greeting. The lively face of Olaf seems to give a sense of hope for the new year.
    It’s really encouraging.
  • 3. I wish your happy new year_sun.u
  • The picture shows a kindly woman who is wearing Hanbok(Korean traditional clothes). It successfully presents the essence of Korean traditional clothes. The flower she is holding is “Mugungwha,” the national flower of Korea. It looks like a new year’s poster or a cover of magazine?

    The three pictures above are the winners of January’s Challenge. Congratulations again!
    We will send the winners ArtFlow coupons.
    @olya_k , @keyara0720, @sun.u please send your e-mail address to the address below.

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    We encourage your drawing life with fun and excitement!