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[Challenge] 2019. 5월 : Let's draw Super Hero

When one person, or one city, planet, or universe is in danger there are those who fight bravely to save them and we call them, heroes.

Who is your favorite hero?
Or have you ever been a hero to somebody?

This challenge’s topic is “Superhero”.

silk ninja / @N3P
Iron Man Returns!! / @BacGyver

One of Hollywood’s representative genres is heroes and it came to be in 1930 during the Great Depression.

When society was facing danger superhero characters, equipped with superpowers were created to save and provide an escape.

In this way, superheroes solved problems that a community were in and because of this role their traits reflect the backgrounds that they are from.
Superheroes themselves are mirrors that reflect the times they are in.

capt. America on infinite paint / @martinzz88
happy women day ♡♡ / @Yousif_Aqeel

Superheroes display superpowers that no normal person possesses.
Their powers are shown in the most dramatic situations.
Everyone waits for that peak when the superhero displays his full superpowers.

On the other hand, superheroes all have at least one weakness.
It is an approach to create sympathy from the spectators toward the heroes.
It makes us realize that heroes are not completely different entities from us but are also normal people and therefore we can feel that we aslo, can be a hero.

cute super heroes / @feltboy
I m Superhero Doggy! ♡ / @Pato.Cha

What does a ‘superhero’ mean to all of you?
Take your time to think about it, and use the clearest thought that comes up and turn it into a drawing.
After uploading your picture for the challenge try briefly writing out your thoughts on superheroes.
Take a look at others’ uploads and their writings and don’t forget to share each other’s thoughts through the comments! :)

This challenge is from: 1st May (Weds) to 15th May (Weds) a total of 15 days.

We hope for much participation and we are looking forward to some great entries.

Thank you.

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