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[Review] Challenge of April (1)

They say that when we eat something sweet we release endorphins.

The subject for this challenge was ‘ice-cream’ And the PENUP feed quite overflowed with sweetness.
In this challenge, even just looking at it was delightful.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in this ‘Ice-cream’ challenge.

so sweet / @mokbosee
Who wants an ice cream?/ @Viktorija

Ice-cream and some cookies are tastefully arranged in a cup.
We can almost smell the sweet chocolate scent and this picture is by @mokbosee.

A colorful swirl of soft ice-cream is atop a cone.
This ice-cream looks like it would just melt in your mouth and it is by @Viktorija.

♡,♡ / @Tunisienne
Snail Ice Cream / @Marquiux

Eating ice-cream on a hot day feels like discovering an oasis.
An oasis is pouring out of an ice-cream cone.
This witty portrayal is by @Tunisienne.

One snail is crawling along with an ice-cream shell on its back.
Can this snail arrive in time before all the ice-cream melts?
This remarkably creative picture is by @Marquiux.

Ice cream Pupper / @smm
Ice bar Flower. / @sun.u

A dog is about to bite into some ice-cream.
It seems like just one bite would be frseezing to the bones.
The icy-cold element of ice-cream has been depicted through color by @smm.

A lovely rose is blooming inside of an ice-cream bar.
Even though it’s frozen solid, the beauty of the rose remains.
The rose’s beauty has been highlighted through the frozen ice-cream, and it is by @sun.u

봄날의 아이스크림 / @Relip2811
Brain Freeze hurts less than MISSING YOU :'( / @BeautfulCentaur

Is it a childhood memory of eating ice-cream?
A picture that reminds us of a sweet memory that is saved somewhere in our thoughts is by @Relip2811.

When we eat something cold, we sometimes get brain freeze.
This freezing feeling of our brain was charmingly expressed by @BeautfulCentaur.

Ice Cream at Tiffany's / @Hypnorino
먹기전 인증샷^^ / @kim

This picture is an homage to the move "Breakfast at Tiffany’s".
Someone who looks like Audrey Hepburn is elegantly eating an ice-cream.
The grace of a lady eating ice-cream is captured by @Hypnorino.

A girl is posing as if for a selfie with an ice-cream in her hand.
Her smile and the ice-cream together make a sweet picture by @kim.

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