2019-04-16. AM 02:23
[Challenge] 2019. 4월 : Let's draw window

When your mind is at ease or on days you’re feeling deeply sentimental, what do you do?

We sometimes have a cup of coffee while standing by a window and gaze outside.

Did you take some time to relax today by staring out the window at the scenery?

The challenge this time is “window”.

Snowy Christmas / @LBRACKEEN
outside window scenery / @ch0ea

The scenery viewed from a window, while you’re engrossed in your thoughts, feels like a part of a picture you’ve drawn.

The window feels almost like a frame that contains your thoughts.

And the other way around, the window from outside feels like a frame of other people’s lives.

The window / @Azmarina
Vita / @sufistokrat

A window is a boundary to the outside and inside and also acts as a connection.

In that sense, it’s similar to a door.
However, they have clear differences.
You can cross the boundaries through a door but through a window, all you can do is look through it.

If a door is a space that makes us move a window is like a space which enables you to meditate as you gaze out of it.

Yellow cat / @greeda
window / @Gullim

What is a window to all of you?

Before entering this challenge go to the window side first.
See the view outside the window and open or close the curtains.
Then you will certainly receive some inspiration.

This challenge will be held from: April 16th (Tuesday) to April 30th (Tuesday).

We would appreciate your participation and we are looking forward to some great entries.

Thank you.

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