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[Interview] HOF April 2019 @flavin_and_juan

When you want to find rest where do you go?

Many people have the idea that nature is a place to reclaim stability.

Nature provides bountiful life and vitality.
Is that why we are invigorated through nature from our tired and exhausted selves?

April’s HOF @flavin_and_juan has portrayed nature sceneries.

Lakes and seas, mountains and fields they unfold beautifully on this artist’s feed.

There are also figures of those who are spending time in nature or how they’re making a living in nature.

We expect that this interview will be about nature and its relationship.

So, let’s start the interview with our artist. : )

Hello, We are the PENUP operational team.

You were chosen for April’s HOF, how do you feel?

A1. @flavin_and_juan
Thank you PENUP for choosing my artwork to be exhibited this April.
I also thank my friends from various countries for their support by giving me their likes and comments.
I was surprised when my friends congratulated me and it took a few seconds to realize it.
I am very happy that the results of my efforts are highly valued.

I think your main subject is nature.
Your feed shows some beautiful sceneries of nature.

What is your reason for mainly drawing nature?

A2. @flavin_and_juan
When I was little my parents often took us out of town to enjoy the countryside.
I felt comfortable and liked the peaceful atmosphere, fresh air and lots of tall trees and mountains.
This is what animates every painting of a landscape that I painted.
Various sides of nature can be described freely and present a valious sceneries, truly beautiful.

There are some Eastern-style sceneries that are especially eye-catching.
It reminds one of Asian landscapes.

We are curious whether you got inspiration from landscapes.

A3. @flavin_and_juan
Yes I do.
I like browsing for a beautiful natural images on the internet or in magazines and if my mood in those picture.
I draw it with feeling so that the results will interest people to look at it and admire it.

We can also find some pictures of animals.
They create harmony as a part of nature.
Seeing the liveliness of these animals expresses vitality in these pictures.

What do you usually focus on when you draw animals?

A4. @flavin_and_juan
I’m excited to drawing nature.
Beside of that I love to draw animals too.
That was my challenge to me for my drawing.
First I drew a background and the atmosphere then searched for suitable object that had just been paired.
In drawing animals which always focus on character and expression so that they can display matching and beautiful images.

Especially, one couple with Mother Nature as the background, is a repeated subject in your pictures.
It feels quite sentimental.

Is there a reason for the pictures of the couple in nature?

A5. @flavin_and_juan
The first reason I drew it, was for my friend who might be in love.
Like wise I am also a romantic person and it is easy to express by painting it.
In my opinion the natural scenery is the best suited description to a romantic atmosphere.
It has a wider setting, so the object can define a meaningful sentimental atmosphere that can create a good taste.
Everyone has the freedom to think differently.
It’s alright with me.

Your nickname is “flavin_and_juan”.
We assume that Flavin and Juan, two people together use one account to upload their work.

Your profile picture also has two people which supports our assumption.
By any chance are there two people working together?

A6. @flavin_and_juan
It’s just a “colletive noun” under my account name, referring my wish to include my youngest son to my profile, he sometimes share ideas of creating the picture, as well.

There are only a few pictures of people.
And since you usually draw nature landscapes, these figure drawings are both special and unfamiliar.

When you are doing characters, what do you usually think about?
You probably have a different approach from when you are doing sceneries, which makes us curious.

A7. @flavin_and_juan
Beside sceneries, I tried to draw additional character in different images as a challenge to my capabilities to support my talent which I felt to be improved further, otherwise.

How did you get to know about PENUP?

A8. @flavin_and_juan
Firstly my son, has an intiative trying to create images from PENUP through my celphone.
I’m end up to my knowledge that there’s a lot of ideas came to my senses to develop my talent of how to find ways and means to create a better images thru my PENUP.

How long has it been since you’ve started digital drawings?
Also, we are curious about the device and drawing app that you are using.

A9. @flavin_and_juan
My curiousity started in March 2018 and since then I continue to draw whenever my mood brought me in.
Application re: digital drawing commonly/ mostly from PENUP only.

We have one last question.

We, at the operation team, are always working hard so that everyone of you can communicate globally through drawing.

Have you had any thoughts while using PENUP?

Also, if you have anything you’d like to say to the operation team, please do tell us.

A10. @flavin_and_juan
In the beginning, I did not really think that uploading a work would create friendship with people from different countries.
As time passed through communication and comments on the uploaded artwork, we got to know each other more deeply.
Through PENUP indirectly can shape a person's character seen from an attitude of respect, friendliness, attention, gratitude and tolerance.
I hope there will be color search tool on the next update, thank you.

I appreciate and thankful to your Team by giving us a chance as beginners to enhance our talents and capabilities in drawing thru your PENUP.

Have you heard of the semicolon (;)?
Instead of using a full-stop at the end of a sentence a semicolon gives a break, and then continues to give further explanation.

April can be a time where a semi-colon is needed.

It’s too exhausting to carry on without taking a break and we can’t just end things with a full-stop.
Maybe it’s time to take a break, and then continue further on.

What part of April will you insert a semicolon and take a break before continuing?

Please look forward to May’s HOF.
And don’t forget to send your greetings and thanks to our artist @juan_and_flavin : )

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