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[Review] Challenge of March (2)

The second challenge for March was ‘Mask’.

This challenge overflowed with entries that depicted the wide interpretation of masks through diverse mask designs, masks that mirror cultures of every nation, people wearing masks and other entries that reflected philosophical thoughts on self and identity.

There were so many great entries that in this challenge 16 pictures were nominated.

Thank you all for your participation.
Please send your congratulatory messages to the nominated artists below! :)

Fashion Mask / @Yousif_Aqeel
Untitled / @smarie

This is mask that could seen at a masquerade ball.
Who could be the person that enters the masquerade ball wearing this glittering gold mask?
This absolutely dazzling mask is by @Yousif_Ageel.

Is this a mask for a festival in Spring?
The flowers are in full bloom.
It feels like we should wear this mask and go out to greet Spring. This entry is by @smarie.

mask of FOX / @tosi73
Masquerade / @Emilyann_123

A beautiful lady is wearing a mask in the shape of a fox.
The image of an attractive lady wearing a coy fox mask go well together. This is an entry by @tosi73.

This is an elegant side profile of a masked lady.
The wine-colored lips and mask blend attractively together. This is by @Emilyann_123.

zen/ @Kyrianchilada
Wheelchair / @Sarajai

A girl is wearing a skin care face mask.
Flowers are fluttering all around her.
This witty idea is depicted by @Kyrianchilada.

A girl in a wheelchair is wearing a mask and is resting her chin on her hand.
The mask is crying instead of her.
This picture that makes us want to go and comfort her is by @Sarajai.

Escondido no proprio ego. / @kbs97
mask / @j_y.on

Masks that look like the girl are laid out on a table.
Unlike the smiling masks her face is downcast.
@kbs97 has expressed the sense of loss that modern people go through.

Is she perhaps an actress getting ready behind the stage?
An actress is choosing a mask.
What kind of acting will she do what that mask on?
The hidden meaning of the situation is depicted in this storytelling-like picture which is by @j_y.on

masked kid / @art-an
○● / @Rastajane

A boy is wearing a mask that is filled with color.
The intense energy feels like it will explode and at the same has a tender aspect.
A teenage boy’s features are captured by @art-an.

The moment a clown mask is donned a figure that gives laughter to an audience emerges.
The double-identity of a clown wearing a mask is expressed in monotone black and white by @Rastajane.

Scorpion / @ash
apocalypse / @David-E

There is someone wearing a mask in a burning furnace.
The eyes are glowing vehemently.
This picture seems like a scene from a fantasy movie and it is by @ash.

There is someone with a gas mask on.
The scene reflected on the glass shows that the figure is facing a wall of flames.
This picture makes us think about the usage of masks that protect us from danger.
This entry is by @David-E.

Aku Aku / @Coubi
african mask / @fresnedo

Traditional African masks have a Shamanistic aspect to it.
This traditional mask seems to have a mystic power and it is by @Coubi.

A shaman is wearing a lion mask.
With the help of a lion’s strength it seems like all wishes would come true.
This picture that contains spiritual power is by @fresnedo.

Samurai mask / @Vina_Graphy
Colored mask / @javvcha

This is a mask worn by Japanese samurai.
Perhaps because it a mask worn in war; we can feel the spirit of determination.
This splendidly drawn traditional Japanese mask is by @Vina_Graphy.

This is a mask portraying a monkey.
If we were to wear this mask in an animal play we would probably feel like a real monkey.
The colorful traits of a monkey were expressed in this cute picture by @javvcha.

These are our 16 finalists.


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Right now, our first challenge for April: ‘Let’s draw Ice cream’ is underway.

We hope for much participation in this challenge!

Thank you.

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