2019-04-02. AM 04:13
[HOF] April 2019 @flavin_and_juan

When we are looking for rest for our souls, we go to nature.
It’s because we feel peace when we are in nature.

The artist nominated for April’s HOF, has a feed that gives you a feeling of tranquility.

It’s because of the feed’s beautiful nature scenery that unfolds before you.

This month’s spotlight goes to artist @flavin_and_juan.

These silent scenes of nature, drawn with calm brush strokes, bring peace to the onlookers.

Pictures of nature, depicted just the way it is, and pictures of people coinciding with nature in their lives, once again remind us of what nature means to us.

Head on to @flavin_and_juan’s feed, and enjoy the lovely nature sceneries.

And also, please leave your congratulatory messages in the Fan Book.

Hope you are looking forward to the interview with the artist : )


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