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[Challenge] 2019. Apr : Let's draw ice cream

This melts at the tip of your tongue when you put it in your mouth.
This dessert that gives a sweet taste is the subject of this challenge.

It’s like there’s a little festival when we put it in our mouths.

It is “Ice-cream”

icecream cat / @Raini
Ice cream / @Leidy

Ice-cream is a well-loved dessert all around the world.

The first ice-cream was made by adding flavoring to snow, similar to a sherbet.
It is recorded that in Greece, they sold snow mixed with honey.
Even in Rome, Emperor Nero enjoyed eating snow, that was brought from icecaps, mixed with honey, peanuts, and fruits.
In a time with no refrigeration, this was a high-class dessert only eaten by the royal families.

Still Chillin / @kyle.g
IceCream / @YTE

Ice-cream today is made with milk, resulting in a soft texture, and it originated from ancient China’s Shang Dynasty.
There are historical records of Marco Polo eating ice-cream in China during the Yuan Dynasty.
It then travelled across to Europe, and in around 1550, it has become the soft-textured ice-cream that we know today.

Chocolate Ice Cream (c) / @AntoineKhanji
Sundae / @Clarissa

Ice-cream that makes us feel happy with its coolness, sweetness, and softness!
In our daily lives, even though it’s small, ice-cream presents us with happiness!
We feel that PENUP’s feed will overflow with sweetness.

This challenge will be held from April 1st (Mon) to April 15th (Mon), for 14 days.

Please do participate, And we look forward to some great artwork.

Thank you.

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