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[Review] Challenge of March (1)

The first challenge for March was “Green”, filling the PENUP feed with hues of green.
This challenge was full of entries that were both refreshing and magical.

With this one color, each person diversely expressed their inspirations.

So, without further ado let’s announce the winners!

Not Kermit / @Ria
something is wrong here / @jiff

One frog is showing off its dewy green skin, while sitting on a green leaf.
Everything is wet as if it had just rained.
It’s almost like we can smell the scent of fresh grass, and hear the sound of frogs croaking. This is done by @Ria

With a sulky expression on its face, a frog is sitting by a pond surrounded by rubbish.
This picture, full of wit, reminds us of environmental issues, and it is by @jiff.

Dance Night / @Adam
so much green... / @artNstillLife

A lady in a green dress is dancing passionately in the dark.
Usually we think of the color ‘red’ when it comes to passion, but @Adam has changed our thoughts by expressing passion with the color green.

Through some green leaves, we make eye-contact with someone.
The eyes are a brilliant sparkling emerald.
It feels like we are being sucked into this magical attraction, and it is by @artNstillLife.

Green Betta / @shadowmare72
Wrath of Clytemnestra / @BeautfulCentaur

A figure of a fish swimming in the water with sparkling green scales, is quite lovely.
The resplendently drawn fish is by @shadowmare72.

A witch with flowing locks of green hair is holding a luminous green light of some sort.
Green is often used to express magical powers, and the witch’s image was exquisitely portrayed with this color.
This is by @BeautfulCentaur

Green Tree line / @catiarcy
Emerald City / @susieone

We cannot leave out trees when we think about green.
Lines of trees are standing on the sides of a long road.
It must be quite refreshing to take a drive down this road.
This picture that makes us want to take a drive is by @catiarcy.

The title of this picture is Emerald City.
The city, sparkling with emeralds, feels like a fairytale story is happening.
This picture of a fantasy world in green is by @susieone.

green apple / @ElGrone
I see Green / @kitt

A red apple has a sensuous appeal, and on the other hand, a green one feels refreshing.
This apple that is even green on the inside depicts freshness, and it is by @ElGrone.

Around her green eyes, there is a thickly growing forest.
If we were to look into these green eyes, it feels like our hearts would also be cleansed.
@kitt has expressed a forest through drawing a green eye.

These are the 10 finalists to be chosen: Congratulations!


Please leave your encouraging and congratulatory comments to these 10 people.

Currently, we are in the process of our second challenge for March: ‘Let’s draw mask‘.

We would appreciate your participation.
Thank you.

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