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[Challenge]2019.Mar:Let's draw mask

“…that we are persons when we choose the mask through which we appear on the world's stage...”
is a saying by Hannah Arendt, a Jewish philosopher born in Germany.

Have you ever wondered whether the face you’re looking at right now is the real you?
All throughout our lives, we are constantly putting on many masks.

We become that mask we choose to put on in each situation.

Instead of seeking out the face you think is the true you, could it be more important to enjoy your life everyday
as you constantly change with the mask that you choose to put on?

The challenge for this March is a ‘mask’

Right now, what mask do you have on?

Masked / @ArtsyAmbee88
a girl with a mask / @Emo_tion.art

Masks have been around from the ancient times even until now.

In ancient civilization, masks, a symbol of magic, have been used in ceremonies such as coming of age, hunting, warding off evil spirits, funerals and other religious rites.
Masks were mediums of communication between the spiritual and human worlds.

Nowadays, it is usually used as a fashion item or for practical purposes such as hygiene.

A mask of a rabbit / @nahee
Purple rose / @cong.gee

When we think of masks, we usually think of masque performances.
In the shows, when the actor’s face is covered with a mask thereby hiding his identity, they say liberation and escape is possible.

By wearing a mask, you can jump into another ego, and leave behind your identity.

A Cute Prinsess in a Mask / @Lullaby_dear.me
greeneye girl / @AnnetMishkaa

Everybody, what alter ego do you want to create by the mask you choose to wear?

By participating in the ‘Mask’ challenge, express the person you desire to be!

This challenge is: from March 16th (Sat) to March 31st (Sun).

We would appreciate your participation, and we are looking forward to some great works of art.

Thank you.

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