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[Review] Challenge of February (2)

February’s excitement-filled second challenge!

It was the Parade!

In this challenge, there were a variety of entries with the theme Parade.
It almost felt like a festival was being held in the PENUP challenge feed.

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Thank you to all those who participated in our ‘Parade’ challenge.

Happy Parade / @feltboy
circus Parade / @Babycat5

Would parades in a fairytale look like this?

There is a parade happening on top of a desk.
And the stars of the parade are adorable toy soldiers!
As they are marching, the soldiers are each playing instruments.
This is by @feltboy who stirs up our imagination of adorable things.

Animals are parading in a circus.
And each of them is showing off their talents.
It almost feels like we can hear upbeat music and cheering.
This entry makes us smile just by looking at it, and it is by @Babycat5

풍악놀이 / @jinhee
A Buddhist parade happens in Sri Lanka / @vina_Graphy

There are traditional parades happening!

The traditional eastern parades are quite vibrant.
The musicians’ long ribbons are fluttering, and they are waving the flags and dancing spiritedly together.
This is a picture by @jinhee, which makes us want to dance along.

This is a traditional Sri Lankan parade.
They are marching forward wearing traditional costume and beating the drum.
This is a somber yet vivid entry by @vina_Graphy.

A Tambourine Dance / @Hypnorino
Untiled / @sabin

Should we look at some entries of main characters participating in the parade?

Donning a striking headdress and dancing in a purple dress, the lovely form of a dancer is expressed.
The vibrant figure’s features were captured by artist @Hypnorino.

When we think of ‘parade’ we think of this!
It is the trumpet.
This is a boy who is parading while blowing on the trumpet.
Seeing his serious expression, perhaps it is a somber parade.
This attractive oil painting styled entry belongs to @sabin.

friends / @Chris
Pony Parade / @dancercmarie

Let us meet some artwork of animals that are at the lead of the parade.

A cute dog and cat are on the parade car, marching forward.
It seems like an event on a warm Spring day.
Maybe it is a celebration of the beginning of Spring?
This is by @Chris, who has used warm pastel tone colors.

A glossy horse that is wearing flashy adornments is walking down the road.
He is sauntering along quite buoyantly!
Parades have the effect of making even animals dance.
This vivid and lively picture of a horse’s movements is by @dancercmarie.

The Royal Parade / @RastertheoCrook
1...2..3..March / @UNIQUEIMAGE126

Should we take a look at pictures that portray people marching in orderly lines?

We can see a cheerful picture of a marching band wearing red uniform, marching forward as they play their instruments.
They are all stepping in sync with each other.
This is a picture that makes you want to follow along behind them – by @RastertheoCrook

This parade consists of people wearing the traditional Scotland kilt.
They are carrying flags of countries around the world, marching in an orderly fashion.
This picture depicts an event welcoming the world, and it is an entry by @UNIQUEIMAGE126.

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