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[Interview] HOF February 2018 @tosi73

Artist tosi73 is our HOF of February this year;
the artist creates his/her own character of consistent style
with not so strong colors and neat outlines.

Now, we will start our interview with @tosi73 to explore the artist’s world. :D

Hello, @tosi73!
We are from the PENUP team.

You’ve been chosen as the artist of HOF for February.
Please tell us how you feel.

A1. @tosi73
Thank you for choosing me! Truthfully,
I was quite surprised because I had no idea I would be chosen.
But I’m really happy! Thank you very much.

Could you please introduce yourself?

A2. @tosi73
I am the head of a family of 4; and I’m currently in Indonesia by myself because of work.
I started drawing during my off days and in my leisure time.

You tend to draw beautiful girls – mostly female warriors or beautiful women.

We would like to know whether there is a reason for you to draw female characters.

A3. @tosi73
Yes! Well because I’m not a professional, I just draw people or objects that I basically like.
I have occassionally attempted to draw men, but they weren’t very good.
My drawings are usually original characters but I sometimes draw artists that I like into animations, especially these days.

Your female warriors stand out particularly.
What is the image that you prefer for a woman warrior character?
For instance the weapon or clothing style?

A4. @tosi73
Yes, well I didn’t have any image in particular, but when I was drawing,
I was influenced by the contents (such as animation, cartoons, movies) that I liked.
The three pictures above were inspired by a Samurai cartoon.

You’ve started PENUP in October 2017.
How did you come to do PENUP?

A5. @tosi73
At that time I had bought a Note8 and was just using the basic memo,
but since I had bought this, I thought I should draw diligently.
So as i was looking through various applications, I found PENUP. When I look back, it’s almost like a miracle that we met!

You’ve uploaded a portrait of Korean female singer,
which received great response.
It earned over 1900 views, 300 likes and 50 replies.
How do you feel when you get such fervent response from other users?

A6. @tosi73
Yes, it is wonderful to get such enthusiastic response for a picture.
It gives motivation to draw other pictures too. On the other hand, when the response isn’t that good, it’s disheartening, but I get courage from the warm comments of other users.

Among the comments other user left,
do you have a comment or Fanbook message that you can recall?

A7. @tosi73
Yes, I always read the comments on my posts.
This is because the comments are posted out of the users’ precious time, so I try to take in their opinions.
Comments such as ‘we are always looking forward to your drawing’ or that ‘the shape of the ear is weird’ are all advice I take into account.

You said in your profile that you draw with Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
What would be the advantage of drawing with Note 8?

A8. @tosi73
Well, I like that I can lightly sketch something anytime anywhere.
I like that I can draw what comes in my mind right away even in between work meetings, or in traffic (of course when I’m not driving).
It is convenient almost like using paper and pen.


Do you have anything you want from PENUP as a user?

You can tell us positive comment
or talk about some areas that need improvement.

The reason is that PENUP is always updated upon user’s comments. : )

A9. @tosi73
Right now there isn’t anything I’d like you to improve.
I’m just eagerly looking forward to the responses when this is posted.

we are curious about your plans for future works.
Is there any will to draw something that you’ve not tried before or a change in style?

A10. @tosi73
I’m not sure. These days I’m doing some imitation work, and I want to draw more realistically.
I want to keep up my original genre (cartoon, animation) and improve into more attractive and realistic drawings.
As I continue to improve, I want to produce artwork that will meet all your expectations.s

This was an interview with @tosi73, our HOF of February.

What was your speed of the day?
Did it pass along quickly or slowly?
Some spend their daily time in a quick pace due to busy daily life
and some would endure the day in slowly passing time.

When you spend your time at PENUP,
why not pacing at same speed?
Nobody would thrust you push you forth
or drag you slowly.

When we just enjoy the works that you like
and share your hearts,
we will move in the same time frame
even if we are scattered all around the world.


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