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[Review] Challenge of February (1)

Our first challenge of February!

It was a challenge on “Chocolate” that filled all the feeds with sweetness.

Please send message of congratulations to the ten winners below.

Thank you everyone who participated in the chocolate challenge.

Chocolate cake / @kim
homemade../ @FatemaMusharrof

These two artworks are chocolate embedded.

The glutinous chocolate cake is decorated with snacks. There is a PENUP logo on a small chocolate piece.
@kim’s artwork shows detailed depiction even in the texture of powder sprinkled on coated chocolate.

It is homemade chocolate cake with various toppings. The harmonious colors that are not too excessive stand out the most. The light and shade expression of the cream on top is similar to the background.
Is the rose in front of the cake made of chocolate? @ FatemaMusharrof shows rich elements in the work.

Delight / @Abex
calda calda / @toto

These two artworks embrace the texture of dropping chocolate.

Chocolate coated on the strawberry is dropping. The viscosity and the light reflection are all portrayed. @Abex’ artwork shows impressive delicacy of high level.

Chocolate in the cup is just dropping.
@toto’s artwork shows the color of espresso crèma like chocolate and the bubbles on the surface.

Chocolate Skin 100% cocoa / @Elmoghira
Chocolate Money Cat / @Jamalart

Shall we meet two objects now?

The mobile phone skin is set at chocolate.
The hand that holds the mobile phone is covered with chocolate.
@Elmoghira’s artwork strongly shows the chocolate theme.

A chocolate cat is on top of the table.
@Jamalart’s artwork expressed the chocolate theme in one ornament piece.

Cupcake with cherry / @Mishelangello
¡ Mmmmm ! / @Martart

These two artworks show desirable chocolate.

@Mishelangello’s artwork shows shiny chocolate cupcake.
The addition of splendid effects make the object stand out.

A girl is peeking into the shop via show window.
Various types of chocolates are holding her.
It is done by @Martart.

I want to peel off YOUR wrapper / @BeautfulCentaur
box of chocolate / @kitt

We were able to see various types of chocolates in this challenge.
These two artworks show solid type chocolate.

@BeautfulCentaur’s artwork shows a person biting sweet chocolate.
The wrap of the chocolate is realistically portrayed.

The chocolate box is a Valentine’s gift.
@kitt’s artwork showed effort-full gift with some tweaks in the chocolate shape and colors.

Here are our ten winners below.


Please leave message of cheers and congratulations to the ten winners.

Now, our second challenge of February – “Let’s Draw Parade” – is underway.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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