2019-02-14. AM 02:12
[Notice] Google Account Update

Hello, PENPLEs!

Currently, you can use PENUP with Samsung, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.

Let us give you some update on Google+. For those who use your Google+ account when accessing to PENUP, please pay attention to this update.

The update details are as follows:

1. Google account in sing-in updated

Google+ service, provided by Google, is now terminated. There are quite a number of PENUP users who use Google+ account to log-in.

After March 7th, you cannot access PENUP with Google+ account.

If you update PENUP, you can still access with Google account as you are doing now.

2. Google Cloud Messaging function in the alert part is removed

As the Google Cloud Messaging service is terminated, the alert related features are changed.

For those who want to access PENUP via Google access and acquire information with the alert function, you can still use the same service after updating PENUP.

Please update your PENUP if you want to continue to use the service in the similar way.

Thank you.

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