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[Review] Challenge of January (2)

The second challenge in January!

This “Polar Bear” challenge was an opportunity to look back at the situation where the polar bears had been put into.

Please leave message of congratulations to the ten people below.

Thank you everyone for participating in the Polar Bear challenge.

Mother Bear / @nuni
"Amor de mamá osa" / @RodrigoP.

These two artworks convey the love of mother bear and baby bear.

The baby bear is attached tightly to its mother bear during the sunset.
Since there are trees with green leaves around, it seems like they have hard time finding foods.
@nuni’s artwork shows somewhat loneliness at the big backs of the polar bears.

The baby polar bear looks happy in the embrace of its mommy bear.
@RodrigoP.’s artwork shows a peaceful scene from North Pole.

♡ / @Rastajane
Polar bear with his puppies... / @Mariella

These two artworks are from the same viewpoint but drawn in different drawing styles.

There are diverse ways of drawing the animal hair.
@Rastajane’s artwork has adopted rough and tough lines.

The next drawing has softer lines for depiction compared to the previous drawing.
For that reason, @Mariella’s artwork shows warmer feeling in the overall mood.

White like paper / @Elmoghira
☆Polar Bear☆ / @Soliloquy

These two artworks showcase somewhat heavy messages.

This polar bear is made of paper.
The paper gets blown away by wind and it is getting scattered.
@Elmoghira’s artwork shows somewhat metaphoric expression.

Don’t you feel that the polar bear looks somewhat sad in the cluster of lights?
The only object for the bear to lean against is the small iceberg.
@Soliloquy’s artwork shows somewhat tragic but brave feeling.

Polar Bear Water《♡》 / @Tunisienne
Flower Polar Bear / @Heavenly

These two artworks show somewhat outstanding effects surrounding the polar bears.

The polar bear walking in the water is seen from below.
So many water drops that fill the surrounding of the polar bear make you think about the power of the movement.
@Tunisienne’s artwork shows the aura of the polar bear.

The harmony of polar bear that had been only seen above the iceberg and the colorful flowers is somewhat new.
Is spring coming to the polar bears?
@Heavenly’s artwork shows hopes and warmth.

gone fishing / @kelzwurld
POLAR BEAR / @Momboss

These two artworks show unique style in expression.

A panda in a polar bear mask is fishing while seated on the piece of iceberg.
@kelzwurld’s artwork shows full of wit and humor.

This work by @Momboss shows the polar bear that is losing its habitat with the iceberg melting.
An artwork itself could be a message without a copy.

We have ten winners as below.


Please leave message of cheers and congratulations to the ten winners.

Currently, our first challenge of February – “Let’s Draw Chocolate” – is underway.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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