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[Challenge] 2019. Feb : Let's draw parade


In greeting the New Year, many countries around the world had this event.

This challenge is themed on “parade”.

Sing a song, dance along. / @TumMeng_Inthira
Mardi Gras / @NYS-ART

Each country rolls out different parades reflecting climate and history based upon their own cultural background.

Nice Carnival that is held every February in France is known as the top three carnivals of the world.
It is traditional festival for Christians, and it has over one hundred years of history.
Gigantic mock-ups take on to the street for a parade, presenting exotic scenes.

Hong Kong does a night trade upon Lunar New Year.
Diverse performances are rolled out by not only Hong Kong artists but by excellent performers from the world.

In Edinburg of England where over 20 thousand performances are staged, a military tattoo parade by soldiers that play back pipe in traditional Scottish costume is very popular.

We make a party / @greeda
festival time / @pokypontadiary

There are diverse parades for different occasions are seen from the world – a parade themed on regional produces, Halloween, Christmas or day of Death in memoirs of the deceased.

Looking at the scenes of the parades, where people take to the street in fabulous costumes and in lively music, you get to know that the event embraces history, tradition, culture, as well as hopes and wishes.

Bear Parade / @omgitslindz
coco / @cees

What did the parade that you participated look like?
You can draw a parade that you would want to go this year.

This challenge continues on for 14 days from Friday, February 15 to Thursday, February 28.

We look forward to your participation and good work.

Thank you.

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