2019-02-01. AM 04:03
[HOF] February 2019 @tosi73

A character refers to the subject that is presented in symbol of a target or mascot.

Drawing a character well,
conveying all the traits in target, is a result of consistent efforts.

In the gallery of our HOF of February,
you can see the process of the artist’s drawing
that improves ever further
through trial drawings of various characters.

tosi73 is our HOF of February;
the artist expresses various facial expression and gestures in a character
like a main cast in animation.

When you check out the gallery of tosi73,
you may feel that the artist is making a character of consistent atmosphere that he/she pursues.
The main character with not so strong tone and clean lines makes the character look mystical, beautiful and sometimes cute.

We sometimes sympathize with characters
and sometimes idolize them in vicarious pleasure.

Looking at tosi73’s artworks, which are ever improving,
will let us learn more about expressing character.

Try checking out various artworks at the gallery of artist tosi73, our HOF of February,
and leave messages of congratulations.

Also, communicate with @tosi73 by pressing “likes” and leaving comments
to those artworks that you like.


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