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[Review]Challenge of January(1)

The first challenge in January!

The challenge was on “Number”, in which diverse expression styles and various viewpoints added to the art of text.

Please send message of congratulations to the ten winners below!

Thank you everyone who participated in the “Number” challenge.

The next number should help Daddy. / @nuj_junheesung
My top 10 organic fruits / @Aibehr

These two artworks visualized the number through different materials.

The child is making number with effort using his body.
Isn’t the naïve face of the kid so cute?
This was done by @nuj_junheesung, who has shown merits of illustration.

The artwork has shown a good mix of the flesh and skin of the fruit to express the straight line and the curves of numbers.
This is done by @Aibehr who showed good ideas.

New Year New Hope / @LenikB
my birthday / @LEEHYUN

These two artworks show definition of numbers.

The New Year has come upfront putting the dark background behind.
Flowers are rolled around each number of 2019.
@LenikB’s artwork conveys the wish for new hopes for the new year.

Number four that shows flowers bloom and number seven that conveys the scene of vacation of sea.
@LEEHYUN expressed the landscape of the season in number.

Stopwatch / @klarka107
PrintNumbers... / @artNstillLife

These two artworks show the number and regularities.

The first artwork shows a stop watch that is used for measuring a specific event or for precisely measuring a record.
@klarka107 showed an impressive artwork that conveys the reflection of light and the depiction of shadow on the surface of the watch.

This is a fingerprint composed of numbers.
If a robot had a fingerprint, would it be anything like this?
This fingerprint, comprised of numerous code names, makes one wonder to whom this belongs to; it is done by @artNstillLife.

Operation Numbuh Z.E.R.O / @babbyybirrdd
Relaxing / @Maraquero

These two artworks show attractive element from cartoon.

Five distinct characters introduce themselves.
This is done by @babbyybirrdd who has emphasized each character with a single tone.

You go and count sheep when you have hard time falling asleep.
There is a saying that people started to count sheep since the sheep is similar to the sound that we make when we fall asleep.
The cat is counting sheep in its dream along with the person beside the cat.
This is done by @ Maraquero who has shown peaceful artwork.

I Drew "4" / @Kuas
Let's Fly in 2019 / @CAREUS

These two artworks embrace the numbers discovered in the scenery.

A peacock is sitting on a split branch with its wings closed.
You see number “4” from behind.
This is done by @Kuas.

Number shaped clouds are flying on blue sky.
The bird is lifting the number clouds to higher reach with bound ropes.
It seems like a flight to announce the New Year, right?
This is done by @CAREUS.

We have ten winners below.


Please leave message of cheers and congratulations to the ten winners.

Now we have “Let’s Draw Polar Bear” going on for the second challenge of January.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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