2019-01-21. AM 05:02
[Notice] How to apply Challenge

Hello, we are from PENUP team.

Have you ever tried PENUP’s challenge service?

Challenge is an award based service where it sets new themes biweekly and select award winners
that have showed artworks that are in match with the theme.
Through this challenge, we enjoy seeing many PENUP artists’ unique ideas and excellent artworks:)

Let us give you guides on how you could apply for the challenge so that we will see more users participating in it.

1. There is a challenge menu on the right bottom side.

The challenge menu is at the far right side of the bottom menu.

2. Select the challenge banner under progress.

You can check out the challenge theme underway on the top banner image.

3. You can register artwork if you click on the yellow button.

You can apply with your challenge artwork by clicking on the yellow button located at the right bottom.

There are buttons like drawing button and button to
select from an artwork in the album of the mobile device similar to
the ordinary blue button at PENUP,
which makes it easy for you to register your challenge artwork.

We will have more fun and diverse themes in 2019,
so come and join us!

Thank you.


PENUP - Share your drawings!

-The PENUP Team