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[Review] Challenge of December (2)

The second challenge of December!

It was “Shooting Star!”
that made it seem like feed-full falling stars bringing the new year into life.

Please send messages of congratulations to the 10 winners below.

Thank you everyone who participated in the shooting star challenge.

Light of the world / @PilgrimJung
one night / @Nouhaila

These two artworks confront with falling stars in the center of the world.

A butterfly came along after spotting the light glow from the lamp a kid holds.
Bright light pours onto dark city.
In front of the kid, there is a flower that has bloomed among green grass.
This is done by @PilgrimJung who focused on expressing the elements of hope through contrasting composition.

A person with clenched fist is looking up the sky filled with abundant stars.
Is he making a New Year resolution?
@Nouhaila;s piece shows the bold mind in the artwork.

Bow Shooting / @feltboy
Shooting past earth/ @Dwight

These two artworks show excellent expression style.

A new moon has changed into a bow, and the star has changed into an arrow bouncing to the sky.
The artwork with wit is done by @feltboy.

The earth rotates itself with two umbrella wings, and the shooting star is passing across the earth.
The night and day have been expressed with umbrella.
@Dwight’s artwork triggers the joy of imagination for the audience.

Shooting Stars / @Hypnorino
♡☆Shooting start ☆♡ / @Tunisienne

Let us meet artworks that give myth-like and religious feelings.

An angel with wings is shooting arrow.
Who will be the lucky person to see the stars falling to the ground?
@Hypnorino’s artwork shows mythical feeling with the appearance of an angel that is seen in classic arts.

There is huge light in the hand stretched to the dark sky.
@Tunisienne’s artwork shows mythical power in unrealistic composition.

Shooting star's / @zivzif
shooting stars☆ and northern light ☆ / @N.D.T

These two artworks show splendor.

Red light filled ground and blue sky.
@zivzif’s artwork is somewhat splendid but silent.

Green light aurora is filled up in the sky and bright shooting stars are falling.
It is a state of ecstasy.
This is done by @N.D.T that maximized the splendor of nature.

shooting star's / @gustaf
shooting stars above the lion hill -hong kong / @Raini

These two artworks could be named after “A Guest That Came in the Dark”.

Dim light is glowing from a small house located on the verge.
One can see glowing guests in the sky beyond the mountain during night.
It is done by @gustaf.

Purple and blue stars are falling among big clouds.
Yellow light glows beyond the hill.
This is done by @Raini whose artwork shows harmonious colors of light.

Here are our 10 winners.


Please leave message of cheer and congratulations to the ten winners below.

Our second challenge “Let’s Draw polar bear” is underway.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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