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[Challenge]2019.Jan:Let's draw polar bear

Hello, PENPLEs!
The second challenge of January has arrived.

The theme is on a character that is familiar to us with cute and innocent image, but in reality the top-tier predator in the North Pole.

The challenge is themed on “Polar Bear” .

polarbear / @monetLEE
Save the Polar Bears / @Kackra

The habitat of the North polar bear is vast icy sea.
The polar bears wander the parts of frozen Artic for thousands of kilometers every year.

However, due to the melting iceberg, the polar bears are losing their land for hunting.
This is issue quite often heard through news.
We sometimes see pictures of hungry and skinny polar bears.

polar bear / @lawless_man
Soon to be gone! / @TitusCrow

At this moment, polar bears, which are not many in number, will be fighting for survival in search of icebergs on the vast land.

If the global warming continues as it does now, the number of polar bear is said to decrease by half by 2050.

It is estimated that there are about 20 thousand to 30 thousand polar bears at the present; if we cannot reduce the CO2 emission, they may disappear from the ecosystem.

북극곰 / @Lentz.bc.Gim
Lone Bear / @jp77

People come up with different resolution upon New Year.

Let’s keep in mind that in near future, the animals like polar bears will be animals from the past, not in the present.

We hope that this will mark a year when we are bound to keep promises that are very small.

The challenge will continue on for 16 days from Wednesday, January 16 to Thursday, January 31.

We look forward to your participation and good works.

Thank you.

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