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[Interview] HOF January 2018 @Miky

We imagine different situations, either opening the gate to a new world or creating a world of one’s own.

Our first HOF of 2019 is @Miky, who works on story-conveying artworks – like a cartoon book - embedded in the artist’s own world.

Let us start our interview with @Miky to explore artist’s world. :D

Hello, @Miky!
we are from PENUP team.

Happy New Year!
You’ve been appointed as our first HOF of 2019.

Genuine congrats!
Please tell us how you feel.

A1. @Miky
To be honest, for me it was very unexpected.
I remember when I first saw HOF, I thought it would be nice to be there once.
But I could not even think that I would really be chosen as an artist of HOF.
And when I saw myself and my work in the gallery, I was very confused. But it is very nice.
Thanks to the PENUP team for the congratulations and for choosing my works.
It was the best gift in the new year.

Please introduce yourself.

A2. @Miky
My name is Miky, the full author's name is Miky Littlem.
I live in St. Petersburg (Russia).
I am currently a student and draw for my pleasure.
At the moment, I am working on illustrations for various anime,
and also, I am drawing illustrations of my own Neon Ghost series.

You’ve introduced yourself as an artist and digital artist in your profile.
How did you get to start PENUP? Also, please tell us the main digital device and drawing app that you often use.

A3. @Miky
I learned about the PENUP community in 2014, when I acquired my first tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 10,
and then I just tried to draw in electronic form. I didn’t have my own style, and at first it was very hard to draw,
so I don’t like my first works. But I still continued to draw, because for me it is no longer just a hobby, it’s addiction.
Depending on my mood, I can draw from one to three drawings per day. It helps to relax and get away from possible trouble.
Probably the first signs of my own style began to appear in 2017, when I began to draw illustrations for my own series.
Thus, I had my own style and images of my own characters.
But it was simply impossible to draw in the old tablet,
so in 2018 I purchased my second tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, and now I draw using the ArtRage application

What stands out the most in your artwork is the artworks that have stories.
They are different artworks, but they seem to story-tell from one drawing to one another, which makes it enjoyable to see.
We are quite curious about what artworks you work on, and we want to know about the viewpoint of your art world.

A4. @Miky
As I said, I'm working on an illustration of my own Neon Ghost series.
I not only draw, but also try to write my own stories and books.
In 2017, I invented and wrote this story, and now I am engaged in its illustration.
My stories describe unusual people with unique, even magical abilities.
First of all, I draw them, and then I describe the world around my characters in my drawings.
Therefore, my drawings seem unusual, because I draw the worlds of my own heroes.

Your gallery is one-of-a-kind among many PENUP galleries due to your own style.
Your gallery artworks make us remind of Japanese animation and game graphics, and since the characters and background go along well, they make us read the stories indirectly.
One could assume that you come across diverse mediums like mass media and books.
Where do you get the inspiration from?

A5. @Miky
I am a big fan of fantasy and oriental culture, in particular Japanese, Chinese and Korean, and I think this should have been reflected in my works.
I am very inspired by the architecture of these three countries, their cities and nature, even fashion, clothing.
Now I read mostly Japanese literature. My favorite author is Haruki Murakami.
And since childhood I love to watch Japanese animation.
Therefore, when I have nothing to draw and do not have my own ideas,
I draw illustrations specifically for my favorite Japanese Anime.

Looking at the titles of the gallery artworks, there are some artworks that are named after characters.
The characters have somewhat similar styles, but they have different characters with varying colors and techniques.
Where do you put emphasis on when working on characters?

A6. @Miky
When I draw, I always focus on the character.
They each have their own characteristics, their own style, manner of dressing.
Creating them, I tried to make them unique, different from each other.
The background always acts as a supplement, but I always choose the colors of the picture so that this color matches my character.

Among the uploaded artworks,
there are artworks that have horizontal background and there are some artworks that have been cropped to centralize the characters, which makes it easy to explain and understand the situation.
Is there any reason you upload twice with different framework styles?

A7. @Miky
I mainly draw in a vertical format, which is more familiar to me.
I began to draw works in a horizontal format relatively recently.
The fact is that not all artistic communities support the same format. Spreading my work in different networks,
I was faced with such a problem that somewhere it would be best to lay out the horizontal format, and on the other hand, the vertical format.
So now I try to draw as much as possible in both versions.

Unlike the early works, the recent works are quite still,
yet heavily weighted with dark tones, and the techniques have changed to make the work more delicate and sophisticated.
Please share us your plan as in the art style or themes that you may want to try in the future.

A8. @Miky
I noticed that despite the fact that the images of my works really remain stable,
my style and level of drawing is constantly changing.
I can not say how I will draw in a month or a year.
I follow only my fantasy and sensations. I have my own vision of art.
I am not trying to imitate anyone, let alone copy, and am trying to do something new.
As for color, you are right.
In most of my works one of the primary colors is exactly black.
Therefore, some people find my work gloomy. But I love this color for its depth and suspense, mystery.
In addition, against his background, the other colors seem much brighter and higher. They seem to glow, seem neon.
Many people love my work because of this, that the colors appear brighter, more modern.


Your artwork has gone through a series of changes as you’ve spent quite a long time with PENUP.
Sticking into one work for a long period of time can never be accomplished without passion for the artwork.
We would like to know what could trigger passion for being a digital artist and artist.

A9. @Miky
I have been drawing for a long time.
I remember that when I was in art school, we drew only on paper with pencils and paints, and I always came home stained with paint and pencil, and often it harmed my arts.
Therefore, the obvious advantage of digital art is that you are clean and the work will be preserved for a long time.
Then drawing is so much more convenient, faster, I can get the tablet anywhere and start drawing, and the only thing that will distract me is the curious viewers.
Well, the decisive factor for me was that it was thanks to the digital art that I was able to realize my thoughts and ideas, which I had previously been able to draw with words.
These are obvious advantages of digital art.

You’ve probably interacted with a lot of users and formed good relationship with some of them as you’ve spent quite a good deal of time on PENUP.
Is there any special episode you could recall at PENUP?
Also, please share us your ideas or comments for PENUP to encourage and make it a better and newer community where people can interact together.

A10. @Miky
I remember it was a long time ago when I became disillusioned with myself and my abilities,
because it was impossible to draw as I wanted.
I was already going to leave the community, but there were a lot of people who supported me and liked my work.
And when I returned, and saw that I was not only remembered, but waited, it gave me a lot of confidence.
Now I simply cannot imagine my artistic activity without PENUP.
And I want to say that I am very pleased to receive every feedback and likes to my works.
PENUP became my push and start, and it was this community that showed me that I am a good artist.
Therefore, many thanks to the PENUP team for providing this opportunity, and a special thanks to all my followers and those who support me.

This was our interview with @Miky.
As diverse information and industry development accelerates, we focus on the story, which makes us feel and get insight.

In a more extensive meaning, a story is all type of formats and expressions under the premise of communication.
Now, we can go beyond from simple communication to become friends where we all meet a totally different and new world.

The interview with the artist let us have the time to enjoy and understand the artworks with story.


How about expressing your own story into artwork to showcase the experiences you’ve gone through today?
Don’t forget to share your artwork on PENUP to communicate with more users!

The New Year 2019 has begun.
What resolutions or plans do you have for 2019?

We wish you have a happier with more laughter and healthier day compared to last year.
Also, we look forward to your anticipation for our next HOFs for 2019.

Thank you.

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