2019-01-03. AM 02:26
[HOF] January 2019 @Miky

The best device to indirectly experience the new world is through reading literary pieces or through artworks.

When you enjoy the artist of our HOF of January, you will feel that you are reading scenes from a cartoon book or an animation.
Artist Miky, who makes you concentrate like as if you are flipping cartoon book, is our first HOF of 2019.

The artist gallery
is fulfilled with unique colors and art style that shows the artist’s characteristics.
When you sit and look at the artworks, you may start to imagine the hidden story, going beyond the real world.

Andre Gide of Strait in the Gate, a classic literature piece, said
“I will be a totally different person from what I was before I took the book from the shelf and read it myself.”
You will be greatly influenced by the art - whether it be literature or artwork.

Those who enjoyed Miky’s artwork of stories
will have fun time imagining the hidden stories.

please enjoy various artworks from the artist’s gallery
and leave message of congratulations to the artist’s fanbook.

Also, press “like” to the artworks that you like and communicate with @Miky through comments and artwork comments. :D

PENUP team

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