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[Review] Challenge of December (1)

The first challenge of December!

It was a challenge on Santa Clause, which we could rediscover different Santas who move busily in invisible places.

Please send messages of congratulations to below 10 winners.

Thank you everyone who participated in this Santa Claus challenge. :)

Merry Christmas! / @TitusCrow
Santa Through Key Hole / @JoanJenna

Let’s meet Santas who went to houses.

Santa is posing in front of a door.
Is the house supposed to belong to Santa himself?
@TitusCrow has shown an artwork of warmth from home.

Santa Claus is visiting a home in dark night when everyone is asleep.
He is stuffing gifts in the socks prepared.
Who is that person sneak peeking into this scene?
It is done by @JoanJenna

wish / @KITE_

These two artworks are full of gifts.

Santa Claus is carrying a green sack on his shoulder on a snowy day.
What will be in that green sack?
It is done by @NATHalIE.

Is this the Santa of “if I become a Santa myself” version made out of the child’s imagination?
Santa Claus is mostly in white moustache, but it seems like the child has turned into Santa himself.
This is done by @KITE_.

badass santa / @joker07
Santa goes techy / @Ania

What is Santa doing now?

Santa is always perceived as a man of goodwill.
A dwarf is holding up a book as big as himself, and Santa is reading the book in peace.
Santa Claus is a muscular man, which is something quite different from what we know.
@joker07’s artwork shows Santa Claus of different interpretation.

Santa is working hard even this year at his own office.
He’s got 200,194,305 friend requests!
Christmas will be over after he responds to every request.
This is done by @Ania.

Santa Claus by nikolass / @nikolass83
Joy to the World / @Dwight

These two artworks show labyrinth.

Ornaments pop up here and there on Santa’s face as if Santa himself has become a Christmas tree.
This is done by @nikolass83.

This is the world of Christmas decorated with so many different gifts.
It will be quite fun to find out the texts that are hidden here and there.
This is done by @Dwight.

Santa Claus / @zak
Santa needs R&R / @HollyK

These two artworks show the special features of tools.

It is a Santa portrait made of dotted painting.
Who has called Santa?
He seems to be staring at something.
@zak’s artwork is filled with Christmas colors.

Santa who has been so busy should take a rest.
Santa is spending peaceful time lying down on the beach after the yearend.
This was done by @HollyK.

These are our 10 winners.


Please leave message of cheers and congratulations to the ten winners.

Now, the second challenge of December - “Let’s Draw Shooting Star” - is underway.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you.

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