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[Review] Challenge of November (2)

The second challenge of November!

It was “Robot” challenge where you could check out the future in advance with the fancy robots that would appear in hero movies and robots with diverse roles and features.

Please send congratulation messages to 10 winners below.
Thank you everyone who participated in the “Robot” challenge.

The Dream of an Android In The New Generation / @Yousif_Aqeel
Johnny 5 / @J.W.

Humans form their own families as the generations go down.
Do robots have families as well?

A robot is knitting on a chair.
It is a T-shirt with the letters “I Love Mom”.
Do robots have parents?
Are those supposed to be humans who created robots?
This is done by @Yousif_Ageel.

A grown up robot is exclaiming “I am your father.“ to a child robot.
The child robot, on the other hand, looks quizzed.
What is the relationship between these two robots?
It is done by @J.W.

chicken robot. / @creyes
Robee / @MrsPillpopper

These two artworks show robots that look like animals.

A chicken robot is glowing in light.
This is done by @creyes; the artwork makes one curious what would come next.

Liquid is needed for a flower to bloom and get fruits.
The bees actually take that role, but the number of bees is decreasing globally.
@MrsPillpopper’s artwork shows a Robee that would become a solution to this issue.

Robot 6/ @anthonydavais
I'm a robot / @TITIART

What would be the face of a robot?

This is a robot where one could find difficulties reading the emotions as the robot does not have eyes, nose and mouth.
But, the red line on the monitor seems to tell you something indeed.
It is done by @anthonydavais.

@TITIART shows an armed robot that is easily seen in movies or animations.
This looks like a robot suit that is worn by heroes.
Can’t you feel the power behind the mask?

Untitled / @adn12
Designed by Gavriel/ @Gavriel

Do robots have emotions?

The drooping eyes somehow look sad.
The robot is leaning against the scattered batteries in tiredness.
It seems that the robots get fatigued like the humans do.
It is done by @adn12.

Mysterious robot is standing towards the light.
One of the legs is a robot leg that we are familiar with.
The bandage wrapped around the arm is blowing in wind.
What stories should this robot have?
@Gavriel’s artwork shows a bold robot.

Love robots❤ / @Mariella
Hello / @CAREUS

These two artworks are about relationship.

Two robots are emotionally interacting with each other with their backs leaned against one another.
Do robots have the humane emotion called love?
It is done by @Mariella.

The hands of robot and a human are stretched to nearly approach one another.
Could warm skinned human and cold metal skinned robot overcome this discrepancy in texture and become subjects of interaction that understand each other?
This is done by @CAREUS.

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Thank you.

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